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Under The Silver Lake tells a story of mystery, scandal, and conspiracy in the city of Las Angeles. (Photo Credit: Film Authority)

The 2018 film, Under The Silver Lake, went through so much in post production that it’s crazy to say we can even watch the film. Movies and shows in Hollywood get scrapped all the time, even after a film or show has been recorded. Under The Silver Lake, produced by the acclaimed indie production company, A24, had the intent of releasing in theaters on June 22nd of 2018. However, after it was shown at the Cannes film festival, they pushed the release back six months due to mixed reviews.

There was so much anticipation, however, A24 ultimately decided to scrap the movie and only release it on select platforms where fans could either purchase or rent the movie. I totally understand that getting mixed reviews from a major film festival might be scary, but this movie deserved to get another chance. The movie itself is about a man’s delusions and is extremely theory-based; it was destined to get mixed reviews, so A24 shouldn’t have taken this as a complete shock. Some people enjoy introspective-theory ideas in movies because it is a more inclusive experience.

Despite doubts, his neo-noir-mystery-psychological thriller went on a crazy ride in post-production. Since 2018, it has proved to have a large cult following. The film definitely deserves the recognition it originally was intended to get. Even if the audience was destined to be split, half liking the movie and half not, its ability to inspire viewers to think more deeply has rallied a niche fanbase and is a testimony to its success.

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