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Sail into theaters to see ‘Adrift’

The new romantic-adventure film “Adrift,” based off of Tami Oldham Ashcraft’s 41-day experience lost at sea, was released June 1, 2018. This suspenseful motion-picture features a gripping story paired with phenomenal acting and a captivating tale to tell.

Protagonist Ashcraft (Shailene Woodley) is a free-spirited, independent, 23-year-old woman who is taking an extended vacation and welcoming any job that will “pay enough to get [her] to the next place.” She winds up in Tahiti where she meets Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin), a sailor who also loves to explore the world’s wonders. The two immediately click and bond over their love for adventure, proving that love can be effortless and pure.

Freshman Ava Maddox says, “As a watcher, you just want them to be happy. You know they end up on the boat and close to death, but yet you still hope for something to change. This made me think 10 times harder of ways for them to survive… The movie was two hours long, but felt like five minutes. I was so involved and into it. I really loved it.”

For $10,000, the couple agrees to sail a gorgeous yacht 4,000 miles across the Pacific. However, the new thrill turns deadly when category four hurricane Raymond hits.

The film starts with Ashcraft waking in the demolished boat all alone and then jumps back to her arriving in Tahiti. This happens throughout the movie, jumping from past to present on a linear timeline.

Freshman Kamryn Dalton says, “It was really interesting. Every time I figured something out about Tami and Richard, I then saw them struggling to defeat, like, 20 foot waves. It kept the story interesting and not super sad and depressing.”

Every time something positive would be shown happening in the past, it was quickly followed by a negative event out at sea. This effect makes the story more tragic, but it could have only been pulled-off with realistic and phenomenal acting depicting the surreal story.

Woodley carries the plot along flawlessly. Her raw, honest, and brutal acting moves the audience and makes them feel as if they were trying to survive on the boat alongside her. Being a young and frightened girl on the open sea, all alone, is nearly impossible to truly envision for the typical viewer. It is clearly portrayed through Woodley’s depiction of the severe emotional toll of the experience.

Freshman Keelin Fedor says, “Shailene is one of my favorite actresses. Her acting in ‘Adrift’ is amazing. It made me realize how scared I would be in that position… It is crazy how that girl actually survived all that time alone at sea. Shailene showed that it could not have been easy.”

The motion-picture includes special effects that are incredibly realistic. Viewers will feel the need to cover their head as waves come toppling through the screen, or the desire to pack their favorite swimsuit and catch dinner alongside Ashcraft.

Freshman Anthony Melnick says, “It was really cool to watch the storm. The waves were enormous. It was a little scary, too. It was like I was right there in the eye of the storm.”

“Adrift” is quite simply a must-see. The film is an eye-opener as viewers are exposed to the brutality of Mother Nature. It is an inspiring and gripping story that tells of an incredible feat conquered by a courageous woman.

How would you act if you were alone and adrift at sea?

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