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Hypnotist twists

by EMILY FODOR Editor-in-Chief

Monroe Township High School held its annual hypnotist show to benefit DECA on February 8. South-Brunswick based hypnotist Denny More was the main attraction. A talented and entertaining act, More hypnotized several willing MTHS students on stage. Beginning with simple E.S.P (Extra Sensory Perception), More modeled his skills by asking a student from the audience to pick a random three digit number and a random word on a page of a book he purchased at the airport.  After deliberation, More pinpointed the number, 805, and the word the student chose, underwear. Having proved his skills, More chose about 20 students from the audience and began his hypnosis. He did some tests, such as making one arm heavier than the other, in order to find out which of them were most suceptible to hypnosis. Almost instantly, kids fell into a deep sleep and sometimes fell onto the floor while they were at it. For example, Senior Josh Polefka fell into the hypnosis and nearly did a front somersault over his chair onto the ground. Senior Tyler Paquette said, “It was magic and hilarious at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like it.” As if the first acts were not humorous enough, Denny More hypnotized students into thinking they were participating in a “Booty Bounce Contest” and that they were the best. Once the music began, every single one of them rose from their seats and began shaking “what their mama gave ’em.” Winner junior Mark Martin nearly booty bounced off the stage with his talent. He says, laughing, “I hardly remember doing it, but from what I hear I was a hit. The videos I’ve seen were rough.” Targetting the funniest students, More hypnotized some into thinking they could not pronounce the word Mississippi, that the number seven did not exist, and that their pants/shoes were on wrong. Anxious and confused, when asked about the mishaps on stage, students could not explain their actions. To bring the hilarious act to a close , More got in one last laugh. Before awakening students and bringing them back to reality, he told them when they took their first sip of a liquid after the show, it would taste extremely foul. While not being able to resist, one by one, friends gave the selected students a sip of water, iced tea, or anything they could find. As predicted, they not only tasted the foul drink, but proceeded to spit it out immediately. Students who have seen the show for the first time are sure to go again to this annual hypnotist show that became an unbelievable performance for audience members. Those hypnotized, however, will not be able to live down some of the things they did on stage.

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