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MTHS Course Selection: Tips & Tricks

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As the second semester begins, students of Monroe Township High School start thinking about which courses they would like to take the following year. Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors have to take into account their interests and their eligibility for courses next year.

Important Dates

An important date to note is Friday, February 9th, at 4 pm.. Why? At 4pm, students and parents will be able to request the courses they would like to take next year in the “request tab”. This option will close on February 19, 2024. However, these are requests and it isn’t guaranteed that we will get the desired course. The following day, February 20, and onwards, we will have meetings with our counselors to finalize and review our course options. 

How to prepare for course selection.

First, know what courses are available for you, and get a brief understanding of the courses you are interested in. It is highly recommended to look over the program of studies, which is located on the Monroe Township High School website. The program of studies lists all the courses provided by the school , as well as a small overview of each course. The program of studies also lists the required credits and courses needed for graduation. If you are nearing the end of your high school years, consider taking courses that fulfill graduation requirements, such as 21st-century life and career, performing and visual art courses, if you haven't already. 21st-century life and career courses are a few courses that the school believes will directly benefit you after graduation. These skills are essential for this era. Some courses include introduction into computer science, accounting one, and working with children.

I recommend that you balance your workload and don’t overexert yourself. Know what you can handle and challenge yourself with rigorous courses, but don’t overwhelm yourself. If you take on too much, your mental health and grades may suffer. 

Take the courses you are interested in and that you know you can handle. Ultimately, it's your decision what courses to take, not your parents', teachers', or friends'. Happy Course Selecting!

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