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Graveyard discovered underneath the foundations of MTHS

It has always been rumored that Monroe Township High School is haunted, but most students and staff brush it off as a joke to scare incoming freshmen. However, this Sunday, March 29, those rumors were proved true after a routine inspection revealed some disturbing findings underneath the school.

While inspecting the basement of MTHS, administrators noticed a particularly loose brick in the back wall. When the brick was moved, however, the entire wall collapsed to reveal a tight tunnel leading to the dark. Before contacting the construction team, our principal Mr. Robert Goodall felt the matter needed to be further addressed by himself, and bravely entered the tunnel. What he found will forever change the name of MTHS.

Underneath our precious school lies a secret room full of unmarked graves, most of which hold the skeletons of disturbed spirits. Goodall was lucky to escape on Sunday after several hundred ghosts appeared and chased him from the tunnel. The wall has since been rebuilt, but news has spread fast throughout the town.

“I just can’t believe it! Skeletons, in our school? I mean sure, I’ve heard some screaming and ghostly cries from classrooms before but I just ignored them. I figured that some kids were just in calc or something. I never imagined that there would be real ghosts in Monroe,” said junior Diyaa Capil.

After Goodall discovered the sinister crypts full of the ancestors of Monroe students, these so-called “spirits” were angered. Chairs and desks were stacked in impossible shapes when the staff entered the building this Monday, and there were even some sightings of ghouls within the hallways. That fire drill last Friday? That was no drill, but a clever ploy to keep MTHS from panicking.

Some speculate that these ghosts and other worldly beings mean no harm and just wish to receive an education, but others are not so sure. Some believe they are angry to be disturbed from beyond the grave.

Angered parents have been calling the school over the last two days, demanding that something be done about this pressing issue. Several exorcists, ghost hunters, and even psychics have been contacted during this period of time, but none have yet responded. Could this be the end of MTHS as we know it?

“I don’t believe in ghosts and I never will. This can’t be real! It’s probably just some publicity stunt by the drama club to get people to come out and see Young Frankenstein! [playing April 23-26],” said an anonymous student.

That may be true, but what if it is not? It is time to stop living in denial and time to fight back for the name of Monroe Township! Get the salt, gather up your best ghost fighting weapons and take action! Forget the pep rallies, this is how we will show pride for our school!

“I’ve watched enough horror movies to know exactly what to do in this situation. I might not go to MTHS anymore, but these spirits need to leave our school! I will gladly do anything I can to help,” said an anonymous alumni.

There’s just one question left to ask, who you gonna call?

Oh, and I almost forgot! Isn’t today April 1st?

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