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Digital Photography Course

Out of all of the electives that Monroe Township High School has to offer, Digital Photography is one that stands out. The course betters one’s understanding of the elements of art and how to incorporate them within a photo. Techniques such as exposure, framing, and lighting are taught, which help enhance overall photo quality.

Digital Photography I and II are offered by the school, both of which differ in project expectations and guidelines. The two courses are taught by Ms. Rein and Ms. Bulkley. Digital Photography I introduces the elements of art, guidelines of composition, and the difference and application of angles. The projects are straightforward, and a generous amount of time is given to complete each task. Students are able to upload original photos to computer programs such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in order to enhance and edit them.

Digital Photography II is the follow-up course and taking Digital Photography I is a prerequisite. In this course, you get more creative freedom than the first as the directions and requirements are much more lenient, leaving more room for artistic expression. Both courses teach the fundamental elements of Photoshop, which is helpful toward achieving professional-looking photography.

Both courses introduce professional techniques that are common in the digital photography industry. The main purpose of the classes are to improve photo compositions and to familiarize students with alternative creative methods of photography. Majority of the assignments require photo editing and enhancements. Projects consist of close ups, landscapes, and head shots using studio lighting. Digital Photography doesn't just strengthen photography skills, but also helps familiarize students with computers, cameras, and computer programs.

Projects are posted in advance which benefits time management and prevents procrastination. Free time in class is rewarded when all marking period projects are completed, which motivates students to complete work efficiently and on time. The classroom environment is peaceful and usually quiet which helps maintain focus. The teacher is always willing to help with projects, whether it be setting up a shot or figuring out how to edit a photo. Ms. Rein gives demonstrations in class for the more challenging projects, helping students better understand the instructions and requirements. Success is easy to achieve in this class, as long as you’re determined and willing to put effort and creative thinking into projects.

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