Challenge Day returns to MTHS

by AMY LASSITER Section Editor

MonroeTownship High School held its third annual Challenge Day starting on October 28 to October 30.

Challenge Day is a an all-day seminar designed to bring school communities closer together, and open the eyes of students up to their own struggles, as well as those of fellow peers.

Through several team-building activities and opportunities to share personal issues, the staff and students of MTHS were encouraged to truly understand and sympathize with those they may have judged or bullied.

“I enjoyed Challenge Day a lot. Most people will tell you how emotional it is, but it really is a good time to get to know a lot of the people you pass by in the hallway daily. I will definitely be going next year,” said an anonymous student.

Throughout the day, the motto “Be the Change” was repeated, and participants were asked to ponder how exactly they could change the world around them. Negative stereotypes and judgment were banned from the auxiliary gym, and topics such as oppression and bullying were openly discussed and discouraged.

“Challenge Day was incredible and very emotional. I think it was an experience that everyone should be able to go through. It was all about stopping oppression and bullying, and to bring the students closer together, and I really think it accomplished this. We don’t realize the problems people go through and that, although we may not realize it, a lot of people go through the same problems we do and that they are there for help. Challenge Day makes you feel closer to people you would never even expect to talk to, and it’s great to realize that you’re not alone,” said junior Brianna LaRussa.

Despite the positivity surging within the doors of Challenge Day, many students are still apprehensive about participating.

“People are nervous about opening up and being judged, but Challenge Day is all about fighting against that judgement. I know everyone talks about how they cried and that might not be appealing to everyone, but it’s so much more than that. Knowing that I wasn’t alone and other people went through what I did made me feel so much better about everything. It also helped people realize just how hurtful their actions are, and I believe that those realizations will carry on through the rest of high school,” said an anonymous student.

If you participated in Challenge Day, how did you feel about it? If not, why?

Remember: What happens in Challenge Day STAYS in Challenge Day.

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