Brain break for Monroe’s students


Students at Monroe Township High School are taking more vigorous, as well as more challenging classes as the curriculum is amped up to compete with other schools in the area. However, students should be given break time to deal with the increased standards, which is why study hall is a must.

Students can use their time wisely during study hall to rest their eyes or get started on the loads of homework they received that day.

A normal day for a Monroe student is four blocks, each 84 minutes a day. Lunch is served during the middle of the day and students are given 30 minutes to eat. Each student is able to take two electives and must participate in gym on top of their core classes.

Students take a total of eight classes and, due to that, the amount of homework is overwhelming. The homework time per night could range from an hour to more than three. Add that up with all of the studying for difficult tests and quizzes, and you get long days of school work.

Not only must students do their homework to the highest degree, but they are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. Clubs and sports consume a large portion of time, making it difficult to juggle everything without a break.

Freshman Alannah McCourt said, “I take three honors classes, play soccer for our school and travel, and participate in school clubs. I receive a lot of homework and it is very stressful to give 100% to everything with no rest.”

Although many may argue that the students have a break during lunch, that is not true. Lunch only lasts 30 minutes and the majority of the time is used to stand in line for your food and eat it. This short amount of time does nothing to rest the brains of students.

Study hall has many benefits that MTHS students can really use. For one, it gives the students’ brains a rest. It is hard for students to concentrate for almost seven hours straight with no break. They need rest for them to perform well and properly in school.

Study hall would also improve students’ grades. With more rest and extra time to do homework, grades would go up. Teenagers would be paying attention more frequently in classes, as well as participating because they will have a decent amount of time to rest. They will finally be able to put their brains to good use since concentrating in school will be easier.

An anonymous student said, “Study hall would be perfect for me and everyone else since our brains need to relax. We learn all day and return home only to do more work.”

Study hall would really help the students perform better and be an all-around student. The high school used to have study hall and it should be brought back. If schools really want us to succeed, they would give our brains a break.

Would you want MTHS to bring back study hall to get a break?

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