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“X” for effort

New show “X Factor” misses the mark by a mile



Simon Cowell’s show “X Factor” debuted in America on September 21 at 8 pm on FOX 5 without a bang.    With judges including Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, L.A. Reid, Cowell, and guest judge Cheryl Cole, you would think that this show would be out of the park, but unfortunately, it didn’t even make it to the outfield.

The new singing competition disappointed my expectations.  While being extremely similar to “America’s Got Talent”, “American Idol”, and “The Voice”, it fell way below par.  The auditions were in front of a studio audience and I, as a viewer, had seen it all before.

The host, who is English along with Cowell and Cole, was Steve Jones.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but who is this humorless stranger?  While only announcing contestants and narrating the episode, he lacked charisma and likability compared to America’s sweetheart, Ryan Seacrest.

The show won’t make it to a second season.  Despite the fact that I am judging this show after only seeing an episode or two, it will be difficult to redeem at this point.

Sophomore Taylor Evanchik says, “I skipped the show because it appeared to be like every other singing competition on TV and I’ve seen it all before.”

The prize, contrary to other miniscule shows, includes a $5 million record contract and a Pepsi commercial airing during the next Super Bowl.  In addition to that bombshell, the show has a record-setting low age limit of 12 years old and up.  “X Factor” claims they will be dividing the finalists into groups titled “boys”, “girls”, and “groups” in the future of the show.

“I watched the first 15 minutes with my family and I was dying of boredom,” says sophomore Conner Parke. “I tried to give it a chance, but it wasn’t capturing my attention enough.”

Unfortunately, I’ve also already written off this snooze-fest considering it was brutal to even survive the two hour premiere.  Dear Simon, maybe England liked this “phenomenon”, but America doesn’t think it has any factors that are exemplary, let alone the “X factor”.

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