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Upcoming Science Honor Society

by NAOMI DOSHI Staff Writer

Monroe Township High School has multiple honor societies, but until now, it has been missing a very important one. By the start of the next school year, MTHS will have a Monroe Township Science Honor Society.

The club will accept applications from freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The club encourages higher levels of scientific thinking, so it requires that members take at least one AP science course and three years of AP or honors science classes before graduation.

One of the main goals of the society is to spread science throughout the community, which includes not only the high school, but the entire district. This would allow students to work with their peers to help themselves in their science classes and enjoy science outside of school.

“[The society] would promote science awareness and encourage achievements in the sciences… If the society is brought to MTHS, we can foster a passion for science at a very young age, eventually leading to students pursuing science at a higher level… So many students claim they love science, but they aren’t willing to put in the effort into working at it. If students dedicate their time into science at a young age, they truly will not drop out of it an older age,” said freshman Ariana Yousafzi, President and founder of the club.

A team of 14 students began working on establishing the society in early April. The planning team has already designed several activities for the club to carry out throughout the school year.

The club plans to hold science fairs and science movie nights, along with science nights. Each science night will focus on a specific area of science that is not covered in school, such as astronomy, to allow students to explore their interests.

In addition to hosting fun activities, the club will try to support students who are struggling with their current science classes or those who want to advance. The members of the club will tutor students in subjects they have already taken. They will also set up a peer-to-peer program in which members of the club will give students that want to take more advanced science classes tips on how to handle rigorous courses.

“Students that are being tutored [by other students] are very open and more relaxed to listening to their peers and taking advice and suggestions from their peers, as opposed to a student and teacher relationship within the classroom,” said Ms. Tina Lambiase, a biology teacher.

The society will also invite guest lecturers to speak about how science-related careers function outside of school.

The society also wants to set up science competitions within the school. Although Monroe Township regularly participates in various math competitions, students who excel in science are limited to the classroom due to the lack of science competitions in which the school participates.

Freshman Sravya Vegunta, Vice President of the society, said, “I think that the club will benefit the school in many ways. It will encourage scientific and academic excellence, especially through more competitions.”

The society has already received support from various teachers and students.

Dr. George Pangalos, an AP chemistry teacher at MTHS, said, “[Having a Science Honor Society] would definitely help students excel in the real science world. If students stick to their own ideas, they will eventually [lose] the ability to see beyond their own limitations.”

If all goes well, the club will be officially accepted as a chapter of the national organization in January 2015. Graduating members will then be recognized as part of the national organization.

Freshman Natasha Reddy said, “I’m excited to join the society because I think it will look good for college and will help me with my classes and tests.”

Why do you think adding Science Honor Society to this school is important?

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