Up close with the cast of “Grease”


The Monroe Township High School students will perform “Grease” on April 11 to April 14 as this year’s spring play.

To audition for this play, the cast had to prepare a song of their choice from any musical and rehearse parts of the script.

Junior Carlos Alcala says, “I usually take the time to prepare my audition song in advance as well as becoming familiar with all of the different characters in the show. By doing that, I am able to put 100 percent in whatever I do on audition day.”

Alcala has the main male role as Danny Zuko. The female lead, Sandy Olsen, is being played by senior Samantha Widmer.

Alcala says, “I think what I am looking forward to the most in terms of the show would just be being able to play the role of Danny. Being able to have the opportunity to play the lead in such a well-known show is exciting enough in my opinion.”

“Grease” takes place during the 50s and is the story of  high school couple Sandy and greaser Danny. They fall in love during the summer and continue their relationship when they surprisingly meet up with each other in the same high school.

To practice for this year’s play, the cast starts with music rehearsals to learn the songs, then choreographing to learn the dances, and finally practicing the scripts at dialogue blocking.

Sophomore Krystle Danza has the role of Jan, a Pink Lady.

She says,” [The cast] will keep learning new numbers and scenes and rehearse them until it is time for the show.”

Mr. Robert Byrnes, the drama and Language Arts teacher is the director of the play.

Alcala says, “[T]his show is different than Mr. Byrnes’ usual choice in musicals. He chose a musical that just about everyone knows, which should draw in a bigger audience. I think that this one should be better in that sense.”

Both  students agree that their favorite aspect of being a part of the play is to be with friends, singing, dancing, and doing what they love while putting together a great performance.

Alcala says, ” [ The cast is ] like a second family to me and being able to be with them all the time while doing something that I love makes it the best part of the entire experience.”

Since the time period is in the 5’s, the costumes are another exciting piece. Danza says that she is excited to wear the Pink Lady jackets like in the musical.

With “Grease” being a well-known play, the cast is expecting a large audience, which makes them eager to perform.

Alcala says,”[W]e as cast members will work even harder to make this show the best it can be.”

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