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‘The Other Woman’ brings sporadic laughter to audience

by BRIANNA SICILIANO Photo/Video Editor

“The Other Woman” is an entertaining film that tells the story of a clueless housewife discovering that her husband is cheating with not only one, but two women.

The movie opens with an intense love scene between Carly (Cameron Diaz) and Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Carly, a hardworking and dedicated lawyer who works and lives in New York City, seems to be the only woman that matters in Mark’s life in the opening scenes, until we see another woman: Mark’s wife Kate (Leslie Mann).

Kate is oblivious to what is happening in her husband’s busy life. She does not seem to suspect anything about Mark’s excessive ‘business meetings’ or ‘business trips’ in New York. Kate probably would never have known that Mark was cheating if Carly did not show up to Mark’s home one night, out of the blue, as a spontaneous way to show her love and affection.

When Carly shows up in a sexy plumber outfit to visit her beau, she is shocked to find his wife, Kate, at the front door.

Carly, while in shock from meeting Mark’s wife, ends up breaking her heels and some of Kate’s outdoor furniture. Carly promises to pay for the damage she has done to the home, and flees to New York.

The next morning, Kate makes her way to Carly’s office; Kate was on a mission to discover the truth behind Carly’s bizarre visit, and unfortunately, she does not end up liking the truth. Carly reveals details to Kate about the numerous times that her and Mark hooked up.

Eventually, Kate and Carly become accomplices – which did not excite Carly, the workaholic, at first – and the new friends make plans to spy on Mark.

Kate and Carly follow Mark to the Hamptons where the busy man is meeting with Amber (Kate Upton), his second current mistress.

Eventually, Mark’s wife and first mistress approach the newest woman of the group and inform her about Mark’s dirty ways.

The three woman become good friends and spend most of their days plotting against Mark. In various scenes, the three musketeers do terrible things to their target: Carly puts a laxative into his water at a restaurant while Kate sneaks female hormone pills into his morning smoothies.

“My favorite part of the movie was watching Mark react to the different ways of torture. His outburst in the restaurant bathroom and his moodiness from the hormones were realistic and comedic,” said junior Hiral Patel.

Although the audience is laughing hysterically at Mark’s reactions to the torture he is suffering, the audience is also annoyed with how corny and stupid certain scenes are.

For example, toward the end of the movie, Mark gets the punishment he deserves: he loses his job, he loses his money, and he loses the three current loves of his life.

“It is entertaining to see the three women come together and team up against Mark. I just wish that some of the scenes were more realistic. One thing I did love about the movie was the humor. When Mark said, ‘I get more a** than a toilet seat,’ I laughed for much longer than I should have,” said sophomore Toni Rothchild.

After this happens, Mark is injured by multiple glass walls in Carly’s law firm. This was probably the only terrible scene of the movie. Mark deserves to be hurt, physically and emotionally, but walking through a glass wall is very unrealistic.

If the movie cut out the few boring and unrealistic scenes, then the film would have been much more successful than it was. I would still recommend this movie, but just be prepared for the corny moments that sporadically occur.

Have you seen “The Other Woman”? What did you think?

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