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The most wonderful time of the school year

by EMILY BEZERRA Social Media Coordinator

The beginning of Spirit Week at MTHS began on October 9 this year. You know what that means – elaborate outfits, the yearly pep rally, and Homecoming 2012.

On October 9, most students at MTHS came to school in their pajamas. Personally, that is my favorite day of the school year. It is safe to say everyone enjoys rolling out of bed and coming to school in what they slept in.

The following day was Hat/Unity Day. Students were allowed to wear hats, from silly hats to regular baseball caps, throughout the day without being reprimanded by teachers. The school was also encouraged to wear orange in support of Unity Day to raise awareness of bullying.

On Thursday, my peers and I expressed our love for the USA in elaborate red, white, and blue outfits. Go America!

That night, students decorated the halls in extravagant purple and gold decorations. The pillars in the common area were covered in decorative white lights, and purple curtains hung from the hallways.

October 12 was the most exciting day of Spirit Week. Everyone wore purple and gold to support the Monroe Falcons football team. During fourth block, the students squeezed into the gym for the yearly pep rally.

First, the varsity cheerleaders performed, followed by the junior varsity cheerleaders.

Afterwards, the MTHS jazz dance team  performed a dance to a remix of JLo’s “Goin’ In”, Seductive’s “Underground Sounds” and Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro.” The dance got the whole gym cheering along, but what else is new?

That night was our big homecoming game against Old Bridge. The game happened to be a blackout, so every one wore  black to support our team. Unfortunately our boys suffered a defeat of 13-27. There are more games to come, though, and they’ll surely do well in those.

Happy spirit week to all!

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