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The Denver Broncos Tim Tebow may never be elite like the great Broncos quarterback before him, John Elway, but he sure knows how to win. With a record of five wins and only one loss, Tebow has led the Broncos with his unusual collge football style rushing attack and intense religious beliefs. Although these points are heavily criticized and even shunned by those who believe religion should not be displayed on a national level, Tebow has somewhat carried his team out of the deep hole they were digging themselves into.

Although many believe Tebow has been the main reason for the Broncos success, I beg to differ. The Broncos defense has been firing on all cylinders with rookie standout linebacker Von Miller and veteran Pro-Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey. In my opinion, the reason for this increased defensive strength has been because of Tebow.

The Broncos offense stays on the field longer than any other team in the NFL due to their option-style offense, with over 50% of their offensive plays being running. This is way more than any other team, with the average being half of that.

In a pass-oriented league, the Broncos seem out of place and in the wrong league; more like a high-powered college team if you ask me, but if you ask “Timmy Terrific” himself, he will back his team’s style with the response of a true leader. His coach, John Fox, is also behind him, telling ESPN, “The guys wins. How can you not be a fan of that? He does it with his feet, with his arm, just with his competitive greatness, really. That’s what you’re looking for in a quarterback.”

Although Tebow may not have that perfect Aaron Rodgers release or the sheer arm strength of Drew Brees, he knows how to win just like the elite quarterbacks in the league.

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