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The Annual Volleyball Fundraiser!

A volleyball team huddles in preparation for the game ahead. (Nov. 15th, 2022)

On November 15th, the gym bleachers were packed as the Italian Honors Society and Spanish Honors Society joined forces for the first time to host the annual Volleyball fundraiser. What is usually a smaller fundraiser hosted by IHS doubled in size when SHS joined in! All MTHS students were invited to form volleyball teams with an entry fee of $6.25 per person for a team of eight. Highlights of the night included the clever team names as well as the snack stand! And of course, the winning team was awarded a prize for their hard work.

The fundraiser is held every year by the Italian Honors Society to raise money for the Mama Bear Breast Cancer Foundation, as well as for student scholarships which go towards members of the club. Board members from both IHS and SHS helped out with the event through umpiring the games and working the snack stand.

Aishwarya Seshadri, a board member of the Italian Honors Society said, “The volleyball tournament was a super fun way to raise funds for our club while also being able to have fun with our friends. It was great to be able to help organize it and see how everything played out!”

As someone who played in the tournament as well, I can contest that it was a great night. Everyone was able to play whether or not you had any experience playing volleyball. The lighthearted atmosphere contributed to the overall success of the event. It was entertaining to see the themes that different teams came up with, some planning to wear coordinating colors or even bringing accessories! Also, the stands were full of students who came to watch the games.

If you’re reading this and regret not attending this year, do not worry! The fundraiser is annual so be on the lookout for next year's competition. It’s a great experience for a good cause, and all MTHS students are welcome to join in on the fun!

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