Tebow arrives in New York


Tim Tebow came to play for the  New York Jets after a trade from the Denver Broncos on March 21, but has caused a lot of drama in the locker room and in the press. The Jets acquired Tebow for his athleticism, leadership, and hardworking attitude. His stats from last year  were not good, but he always found a way to get last minute points in the fourth quarter and carry his team to the playoffs. Some Jets fans are very happy with the trade; they think that he is a good leader and will help the team’s offensive with more of a wild cat offensive that they have been lacking. However, the trade has caused a lot more drama then most people would have thought. With Tebow coming to New York, fans showed concern about what the Jets would do with Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has led the Jets in the last three years to two conference championships. Before the trade, Sanchez was a sure starter for the Jets, but now that they obtained Tebow, fans were unsure who would start. “I think that the general manager of the Jets made a really stupid decision by going out and trading for Tim Tebow. They already have a talented quarterback who most likely will start next year. I think the Jets just wasted away a couple million dollars,” says freshman Ryan Divins. The first time that Sanchez spoke about the pick up of Tebow, he said that he was not threatened that he would take his spot. He thought it was a good pick up by the General Manager because they added another player to the roster without losing one. However, Jets coach Rex Ryan came out to the press and said that Sanchez will be the starter for the Jets this season. Most people think that Sanchez will start every game and Tebow will come in for a couple of plays a series. Most of the time, Tebow will be in the game for an offensive set called wild cat. The wild cat is made mostly for quarterbacks that can run quickly like Tebow. So far in training camp, Tebow is not looking sharp. In a three play span, Tebow threw two interceptions while Sanchez is looking very on point, making nice crisp passes to his wide recivers. The Jets are throwing Tebow in new positions to see if there are any spots he can fill. So far, the Jets have put him on the punt team as a protecter of the return man. “Most of my friends don’t like Tebow, but personally I think that he is a good player and can help the Jets this year. With the Jets not making the playoffs last year, they needed to make some changes, especially in their offensive,” said freshman Matt Benitez. Jets need to incorporate Tebow into their offensive and use him as an advantage. He can be a real threat to other teams’ defense because of his speed and good leadership.

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