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Sing for a cause at FBLA’s karaoke night

The Future Business Leaders of America club will host “Karaoke for a Cause” on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 after school in the Commons. Everyone is welcome to attend this fun-filled night of singing.

Karaoke will start at 5:30pm and end at 8:30pm. All students, regardless of grade level or FBLA membership, are allowed to participate. Family members are also welcome.

Students can get into the event in one of two ways: either pre-registering or paying at the door without pre-registering.

To pre-register, go here. The only requirements for using the site is a email, and all you have to do is write your name, school email, and grade level.

If you pre-registered, an FBLA member will check for your name on the list on the day of the event. If it is there, you will only have to pay five dollars.

If you decide to pay up front without pre-registering, the price of entry is seven dollars.

Freshman and FBLA member Shilpa Gidugu says, “What I love about this event is that it’s always open to everyone. That’s great because it means that people can enjoy for a low price while benefiting others.”

A portion of the profits earned from karaoke night will go to the March of Dimes, hence the name “Karaoke for a Cause.”

March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the health of mothers and infants. It works toward protective policies and improved healthcare, as well as conducting research about premature babies to try to end premature births.

FBLA has often partnered with March of Dimes, which allows its members to gain valuable community service. In fact, FBLA-PBL has been recognized as the top March of Dimes youth fundraising partner.

Chapters of FBLA collaborate with March of Dimes nationwide, and MTHS is no exception. One way FBLA members in MTHS contributed to March of Dimes was writing cards in December 2017 to families that March of Dimes helped.

Aside from working for charity, FBLA often holds fundraising events, such as the Haunted High School event in October. Students have also competed in business-related competitions that relate to the theme of FBLA like LifeSmarts and JA Titan.

Similar fundraisers held by FBLA also include their sales at Bovine Burgers. Occasionally, they hold events there where some of the profit goes towards FBLA, and some goes to whatever organization FBLA is currently sponsoring.

Students in FBLA who attend the karaoke event will receive 10 membership points. Students earn membership points by attending FBLA meetings and events.

This is not the first time MTHS has hosted a karaoke night. FBLA also hosted a karaoke night on December 16, 2016.

Freshman Hannah Segal says, “I think this event is a great idea because people can have fun while donating to a good cause.”

Karaoke for a Cause is an event guaranteed to be fun for everyone, whether you are an FBLA member participating at the event to earn membership points or a non-member looking to showcase your singing talent.

What are some other FBLA events and fundraisers you would be interested in participating in?

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