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Simple Sesame: Brooklyn Square (9.5/10)

Back of plain slice at Brooklyn Square, Jackson Township. (Photo Credit: Harrison Wolk)

When I arrived at the front door and saw the official stamp of success from “One Bite Pizza Reviews” on the wall, I knew we were in for a good surprise. The slices came out hot and fresh, with minimal flop to the undercarriage. 

The bottom of the pizza was extremely crispy and had a nice char to stabilize the slice. Also, the sauce-cheese ratio was spot on, helping to avoid any sort of additional flop off the sides. 

Unlike most pizzas, the crust had a healthy distribution of sesame seeds, helping to add an extra layer of flavor and uniqueness! While the elevation of the pizza was minimal, it seemed fitting based on the simplicity of the slice.

One downside I noticed was the difference in neatness between a full pie and a single slice; there was far too much cheese on the full pie that caused dripping, whereas the singular slice offered a more balanced combination. 

The bottom char and crispy texture helped support the pizza extremely well.

Overall, Brooklyn Square makes a unique pie with a hint of sesame seeds that add a nice touch of texture and flavor. While the whole pie had a bit too much cheese for my liking, the uniformity of the single slice earns this place a 9.5!

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