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Should marching band be a sport?


Marching band is a sport at MTHS, but there is a lot of debate in the student body as to whether or not it should be considered one.

Marching band is part of the athletics program and members get everything athletes do, including varsity jackets. There are some students that feel that this is the correct way to categorize the marching band, but there are also others that are strongly opposed.

Many members of the marching band defend their right to be included in athletics.

“Marching band is a sport because it involves physical activity, competing at other schools, and has rules that people have to abide by, making it, by definition, a sport,” said an anonymous member of the marching band.

Some not in the band also feel that marching band is a sport, agreeing that it fits into the guidelines that determine what a sport is.

“The definition of a sport is something that you compete in. Marching band has many competitions and therefore is a sport,” said freshman Allie Hommer.

Others disagree, saying that marching band does not fit into aforementioned guidelines.

“[Marching band’s] a different category than athletics,” said an anonymous female student.

Some students are very firmly opposed to the fact that marching band is a sport, saying that it does not require enough physical activity to be deemed one.

“No, marching band isn’t a sport because the physical activity involved with it is hardly anything. It is not hard to hold an instrument and walk around with it, unless it’s a tuba. Those who consider marching band a sport should look closer to notice that you don’t need much energy to walk around. Compared to other sports, marching band is easier because there is less physical activity being exerted. Marching band is not a sport,” said an anonymous male student.

There are also those that are on the fence about the topic, agreeing that marching band has qualities of a sport, but feel it may not fit into athletics.

“It involves physical activity, but not as much as other sports like soccer and track, so I consider it more of a club,” said freshman Harshini Malli.

A cluster of other students think that all the debate on this topic is unnecessary and pointless.

“I don’t understand why people are debating this. It doesn’t really matter. If someone is not in marching band, what should they care if it is a sport or not? It was made a sport, so just leave the whole thing alone,” said another anonymous student.

Students are much divided on the topic and have many different viewpoints, and there are good points for each argument.

Does marching band require physical activity? Yes. Does it require less physical activity than other sports? Probably. Is marching band a sport? That is up to you to decide for yourself.

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