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Powderpuff: The ultimate game for female athletes

The MTHS Student Council held a Powderpuff football game at the stadium turf at 2:45 p.m. on Friday, May 25, 2018.

Powderpuff football is flag football game between females from grades nine through 12. The games are an annual tradition at many high schools and universities.

The Powderpuff sport originated in the United States. There is photographic evidence of the games being played as early as 1931 at the Western State College of Colorado, now known as Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado.

Some MTHS football players assisted as coaches for practices and help the girls to understand the game. Practices were organized by the team and were not run by the school. Therefore, if the team wanted to practice, they would have to do it on their own time. There was one practice, which was held on the turf field on Thursday, May 24, 2018 after school.

Freshman Christopher Grande says, “I volunteered to coach the Powderpuff freshmen girls team because I took some of the information that I learned from playing on the freshman football team and applied it to help fellow athletes. It was a great learning experience for me, as well as for them.”

Athletes were also required to purchase a jersey for the games. The jerseys were personalized, meaning the players had their last names on the backside of the jersey. Returning players who already owned a jersey paid $10 to play while new players paid $25 – $10 to play and $15 for a jersey.

The first game was between the freshmen and senior teams with the seniors winning 19-0. The second game between the sophomore and junior teams was surprisingly won 12-6 by the sophomores.

In the championship game, the senior and sophomore teams battled it out for the spirit stick. The senior team pulled through with a victory, and senior Angela Oskierko won MVP.

Oskiero says, “It was amazing to be titled MVP because it was reassuring that all the hard work paid off in the end. Even though we only had five girls on the team, it was still an enjoyable experience. I’ve always been a huge fan of football since I was about five years old, so it is always exciting to test my skills.”

Profits from the ticket and concession sales went toward Student Council. Snacks and drinks were also being sold on the bleachers by Student Council members.

Student Council co-advisor Melissa Schwartz says, “Student Council funds are used for a variety of school-related functions such as providing spirit items during the pep rallies.”

This year, a total of 88 girls signed up to play from all the grades combined and about 75 people came out to watch, which made for a decent turnout.

Freshman Sophia Peluso says, “Even though the freshmen team didn’t score any points, it was still a really fun experience. I got the chance to play one of my favorite sports with my friends and learn the Powderpuff game at the same time.”

The event was a success, and the Student Council Powderpuff tradition will continue at MTHS for female athletes in upcoming years.

If you attended this event, what was your experience like? Would you ever consider participating or coaching?

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