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Pitch perfection

by ALISON LEVIER Section Editor

“Pitch Perfect,” a movie about college acapella singing groups was released September 28.

While not only nailing every song they took on, the stars of this movie had the comedic timing to bring an audience to tears of laughter, and the writing was spot-on, with the perfect amount of jokes about acapella groups to not sound overdone. To top it all off, the plot was adorable and light hearted – the typical feel-good movie that everyone needs to see.

The movie starts off at a singing competition, with an obviously heated rivalry between two groups, the all-male Treble Makers and the all-female Bellas. The Treble Makers perform first, and the audience and judges love it. When it comes time for the Bellas to perform, one of the soloists, Aubrey (Anna Camp), projectile vomits onstage, ruining the entire performance, as well as The Bellas’ chance to win nationals.

Fast forward a few months and the leading lady of the movie, Beca (Anna Kendrick), is introduced. It is obvious when she is first introduced that she is somewhat of a troubled teen, wearing dark clothes and giving her dad, who happens to be a teacher at the school, an awful attitude.

Beca, an aspiring DJ, gets an internship at the local radio station, and there she meets Jesse (Skylar Astin), who will inevitably and obviously become her love interest in the movie.

Sign-ups for school clubs take place, and The Bellas are having a hard time finding new members since last year’s incident.

It is here that Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is introduced. Fat Amy is the highlight of the movie by far, with every one of her lines being absolutely hilarious.

“Fat Amy was the best part of ‘Pitch Perfect.’ It was because of her that I laughed more than I did in every movie I’ve seen since ’21 Jump Street,'” said sophomore Elisabeth Marchese.

Beca is at first hesitant to join, but does so when her father tells her that if she joins a club and does not like it by the end of the year, he will pay for her to move to Los Angeles and pursue her DJ career.

This year, Aubrey is the head of The Bellas, and she is awful. She insists that the girls reuse old, tired songs from the previous year when they perform.

This irritates most of the girls, but Aubrey seems to be unphased, constantly insisting that if they do the old routine perfectly, they will win.

“It made me so mad when Aubrey wouldn’t listen to Beca! They had no chance of winning with that old routine,” said sophomore Anne Ballman.

She soon learns that this is not the case when they do not move on to nationals, thinking their season is over.

Aubrey finally agrees to let the girls sing, fun, popular songs everyone likes, including Beca’s tribute to Jesse. What could that be? Who wins nationals? See this acca-mazing movie and find out!

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