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‘Oz the Great and Powerful’

by ANDREA FRENCH Section Editor

The extremely popular “Wizard of Oz” has finally made a prequel, “Oz the Great and Powerful”. This box office success hit the theaters on March 8, 2013.

Because the original “Wizard of Oz” was so successful back in 1939, this movie instantly caught the attention of almost everyone, especially Disney movie lovers.

“As soon as I heard about this movie, I knew I had to see it as soon as possible,” says sophomore Casey Schieda.

Right from the beginning, the graphics are so enticing, pulling you deeper and deeper into the previous life of the powerful man Oscar Diggs (James Franco), better known as Oz.

The story begins in rural Kansas, where Oz is a popular magician at a circus. When his act is over, a man accuses Oz of tricking the audience and chases him. He is then forced into a hot air balloon when a tornado strikes. Next thing you know, the movie has changed from black and white to color, and we find that Oz has landed in the Land of Oz.

Theodora (Mila Kunis) finds Oz and offers to help him. She believes that he is the ‘Wizard of Oz’ who is prophesied to overthrow the Wicked Witch who had killed the King of Oz. On their way to the Emerald City, Theodora quickly falls in love with Oz.

From there, the story takes many twists and turns through the journey of a Kansas magician who has to try and save all the innocent and kind-hearted people of the Land of Oz.

Because this was the prequel to the original movie, the plot obviously could not be too similar, but there were many references to the original “Wizard of Oz”, such as the way the Wicked Witch’s laugh and the Munchkins. Therefore, if you have not seen that original, I would recommend seeing it before this prequel.

After watching this movie, viewers will gain such an appreciation for animations and special effects. In an interview will Ellen DeGeneres, Zach Braff (who played a flying, talking monkey) said that the entire movie was shot in front of a green screen. From the luminescent yellow brick road to the towering jewel that is Emerald City, you can tell there was a lot of work put into perfecting the notorious details that are Oz.

Before seeing the movie, I was a little curious as to where in the story line the movie would end. After watching, it ended at the perfect place; if you were to watch each movie one after the other, it would flow really well.

It is quite apparent to anyone that this cast was perfectly hand-picked to play these roles – Franco as Oz, Kunis as Theodora, Rachel Weisz as Evaora, Michelle Williams as Annie and Glinda, and Zach Braff as Frank and Finley.

“I absolutely love James Franco and Mila Kunis. They are both really amazing actors, so having them both in the same movie was fantastic. Overall, this movie was outstanding,” says sophomore Taylor Zeni.

Watch the trailer:

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