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NY says goodbye to Tim Tebow


The New York Jets have decided to cut former first round draft pick Tim Tebow. Tebow, who only got two starts last season behind Mark Sanchez, only played in 12 games and was rarely utilized.

Tebow only had eight passing attempts last year during the entire season, compared to his last season where he threw 271 passes and lead his team to the playoffs.

The Denver Broncos decided to trade Tebow to the Jets for a fourth round draft pick. The Broncos picked up Peyton Manning, so there was no need for Tebow.

The Omaha Beef, an indoor team, has offered him a chance, as have the Orlando Predators of the Arena League. The Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League hold his rights, but general manager Jim Popp said Tebow could come compete for a job — as a backup.

Tebow also saw some time as a RB (Running Back) on the Jets. He had 32 attempts, all adding up to a minuscule 102 yards and a 3.2 yards per carry average. His longest rush was only 20 yards.

Tebow had zero touchdowns the entire season and only had 147 total yards offense. During sixteen games, of which he played 12, he could only produce 147 yards. That is not NFL quarterback level and he either needs to be trained and utilized properly, or he needs to get a new career path.

Yet not all of the blame can be placed on Tebow. Part, and some people may think most, of the blame can go to the Jets. Tebow is a QB that needs to be able to have protection long enough to hang in the pocket and survey the field to make a nice pass. The Jets mostly used Tebow for the wildcat formation for which he is not good.

The wildcat is where the RB will line up in the QB spot and vice versa. The RB will then take the snap and either hand the ball to the QB or run it himself while the QB blocks. Tebow was very inconsistent and would not always produce big runs.

Since every time the Jets put in Tebow they would run the wildcat, defenses knew what the Jets were going to do and could easily defend it. The Jets should have at least given Tebow more than eight chances to throw the ball.

Another part of the blame can go to Rex Ryan, the Jets head coach, for not guiding Tebow or asking him what could change to make him better.

Freshman Shane Patel said, “It is a loss for the Jets. Tim Tebow lead the Broncos to the playoffs and has skill, but clearly the Jets couldn’t use that.”

In the offseason, the Jets picked up QB David Garrard and also drafted QB Geno Smith out of West Virginia. Smith is one of the top QBs in his draft class and is a great addition for the Jets. Maybe now the Jets can keep their QB situation under control.

Freshman Frank Roca said, “They now have five QBs, even without Tebow. The Jets need to do what they did to Tebow with Sanchez.”

Now there is a question for you guys. Do you think it was a good thing Tim Tebow was dropped? Or do you think they should’ve utilized him more?

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