New York…Bricks

by TIMMY JOSEPH Staff Writer

The New York Knicks, who are currently 26-40 and the ninth seed in the Eastern Conference, have had a less-than-stellar season. Their dismal performance has left fans stunned and their organization disappointed.

The Knicks have many issues this season, one of them being their poor shooting. Last season, they shot about 45 percent from the field and 37 percent from the three point line. This year, they are shooting 40 percent from the field and barely 30 percent from beyond the arc. These are significant drops in NBA standards.

Also, there is no support for Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony. Anthony leads the league in minutes played per game, totaling almost 40. This is because his teammates do not provide much help. Without Anthony, the team averages below 70 points per game as Anthony averages almost half of his team’s points. This is a major contribution to why Anthony has declared free agency after this season.

Freshman Andrew Bruno said, “There’s nobody helping out Melo! Guys like J.R. Smith play almost 35 minutes and only have 13 points per game!”

Not only have the players slumped, the coach of the Knicks, Mike Woodson, has also been a disappointment. Woodson has been criticized for making poor decisions in games, especially in crucial moments. For example, he sat out his best defender Iman Shumpert in moments during the game where they needed big defensive plays.

Freshman Akash Patel said, “I don’t know what Woodson is doing sometimes. It’s like he has no clue about his own team!”

In addition, the Knicks spend a plethora of money on players that do not contribute. Amar’e Stoudemire, who receives over $21 million, which is third highest in the league, is one of the least productive players with a low 11 percent efficiency rating.

The Knicks have the second highest payroll in the league, totaling over $87 million, but have one of the lowest cap spaces in the league at $31 million. This is due to their overspending on bust players such as Stoudemire.

However, there is a solution to the Knicks’ woes. One, which they have just done, is bringing in Phil Jackson, a 13-time champion head coach as their president. Another is adding more support for Anthony. With efficient and productive supporting pieces, Anthony will not have to do as much as he does now.

Also, they need to get rid of high paying players such as Stoudemire and Smith who do not contribute very much, and bring in fresh, new talent.

In order for the Knicks to achieve a .500 record, they will need to win 14 of their last 16 games. However, this will be tough as they play powerhouse teams like the Indiana Pacers, the Golden State Warriors, the Miami Heat, and the Chicago Bulls.

The Knicks’ troubles are very much alive and may haunt them for years to come if they do not make a change.

Do you think the Knicks have what it takes to turn their season around?

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