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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Monroe Township High School is expecting a very eventful winter season filled with business club trips, karaoke nights, prom fundraisers, and even a gaming tournament. Whether you are an academic teen or simply want to have fun with friends, MTHS has something for you!

Karaoke for a Cause Night

FBLA is hosting Karaoke for a Cause night on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. Although there is an attendance fee of $7 at the door, you can sign up early and only pay $5. Sing along to current pop hits and have a great time with friends. Starting at 5:30 pm, this karaoke night will leave you with lyrics stuck in your head and many memories from the night. The event ends at 8:30 pm and will be hosted in the Commons area. Whether you an experienced singer in the chorus program or simply want to enjoy the night with friends, Karaoke for a Cause night is a wonderful event to attend. Most importantly, this event is held for something bigger than simply MTHS students. The money collected from attendance fees is donated annually to the March of Dimes organization. January is birth defects prevention month and March for Dimes is an organization that works with women to prevent premature births. Shockingly, one in every thirty-three children are born with birth defects, but with the money made from this event, FBLA members and MTHS students are actively helping reduce this significant number. Additionally, there will be refreshments and door prizes. FBLA members who attend will also be rewarded with 10 membership points for their attendance.

Come with friends to FBLA’s Karaoke for a Cause event for a night of melodies and memories!

DECA Participants are Heading to States!

DECA members have recently traveled to KEAN University on January 3, 2019 in order to participate in a business-oriented competition. DECA members dressed in formal business attire and competed either individually or in small groups. Mentioning the welcoming environment of KEAN university and the nerve-wracking experience of competing as a freshman, an anonymous DECA member stated, “I was nervous of expressing my ideas to the judge and competing with many qualified people. Once we entered, everyone had different timings to go to the preparation areas…many people were at each building practicing and viewing over the material. After the judge interviews you we had the whole day to ourselves. The anticipation was over.” She goes on to elaborate that the university allowed competitors to watch movies, explore the campus, drink seasonal beverages, and more. This DECA member had a positive experience competing even though she did not qualify for upcoming events. Overall, many people suggest to be in this club as it allows you to communicate with professional businessman, gain public speaking skills, and much more. Some of the events offered for competitions are retail merchandising, tourism, and marketing communications. Approximately 55 DECA members are expected to compete at the states competition in Atlantic City, New Jersey from March 4-6. Usually, less than 25% of all New Jersey DECA members proceed to the state competition, but due to the large amount of participants, MTHS has managed to have many of their members become finalists in their specific events.

DECA competitors head to KEAN university for a day of business-related competitions on January 3, 2019!

FBLA Members Prepare for the Competitive Spring Conference

FBLA members have competed at a state competition and are now qualified to participate in the March conference. This conference will be taking place in Atlantic City, New Jersey from March 20-22. Qualified competitors are now in the stage of preparing for their specific event in the upcoming months. An anonymous FBLA member mentions, “In preparation for the conference I’m going through other people’s reviews and experiences of what happens and going through my own subject because I want to be sharp and ready.” Many members of these business clubs join to have experiences at such events, meet new people, and have exposure to the business world as a teen. However, this freshman has taken a different approach to the stressful competition: “Mostly I’m just relaxing because I’m going to learn, not to really be tested.” This club continues to have a magnitude of members and in 2019’s regional competition, nearly 50 members have been deemed eligible to advance to the next round of competition. Another FBLA qualifier mentioned, “…My group and I have started preparing by thinking of different ideas for our presentation. Our task is to create a portfolio for a school with elements such as a school mascot and athletics team. We have many ideas and we’re thinking of the best possible way to incorporate them into our project that we’ll be presenting in March.” Some of the competitions offered in this club are personal finance, economics, hospitality management, and even journalism!

Many FBLA members from MTHS have qualified and are now in the process of planning their performance in the March conference.

Pallet Painting Party for Junior Prom

Do you enjoy expressing yourself in the form of art? Would you like to hang out with friends and be creative? Lucky for you, the Class of 2020  will be hosting a pallet painting party on February 7, 2019. Partnering with Living Reclaimed, students are invited to create personalized plaques of art using stencils. Living Reclaimed has offered a wide variety of stencil designs and participants are asked to pay $5O for this event. With this fee, there will be a wooden pallet, stencil design, personalization, and various painting materials provided.  The pallet painting party will be held at the school starting from 6:30 pm. Join this art session and create decorative pallets with classmates. The profits made from this painting party will be used to fund prom for the Class for 2020 so be sure to attend and support the cause!

Join the class of 2020 for a night of painting at their Pallet Painting Party on February 7, 2019.

Class of 2021’s Super Smash Bros Tournament

Do you enjoy gaming with friends on weekends? Would you like to earn money for something you love doing? Maybe you would be interested in attending the Super Smash Bros tournament on January 31, 2019. This event is being hosted by the Class of 2021 and attendees are required to pay a $5 entrance fee. Only 50 students can participate in this tournament so be sure to sign up as early as possible. Feel free to ask friends to join and enjoy an afternoon of gaming. As if gaming with friends doesn’t sound fun enough, the Class of 2021 is offering a $25 monetary reward for the winner! This event will be taking place in Room G245 from 2:30-5:00 pm. End the stressful month filled with midterms and homework with an afternoon of competitive gaming with friends. The money collected from this tournament will be used to host more fun events for MTHS students, specifically the Class of 2021. Instead of playing CoolMathGames during your economics class, come play Super Smash Bros with your friends on Thursday, January 31!

Mario, Zelda, Pikachu, and more! Grab your controller and come with friends to the Super Smash Bros tournament.

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