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New Balance Shore Coaches Invitational: Holmdel 2021

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Monroe runners at the starting line for the 5k race, excited and nervous to take on the challenging beast of a course! (Oct. 2nd, 2021)

First, About the Race Course

The difficulty of the Holmdel XC course is known throughout the state of New Jersey.

However, you cannot imagine how grueling it truly is until you take on the task of finishing

it for yourself. The first 400 meters begin with a steep ascent into the trails which rise and

fall inconsistently throughout the run. Roughly 1.5 miles into the race, athletes are faced

with the “bowl”, a section of the course which includes an incredibly steep downhill

followed by an even steeper uphill. With dead legs and an exhausted body, runners

continue the last mile of the course through beautiful trails, leading them to the

homestretch. As the athletes break free from the trails and set their eyes on the finish line,

exciting rivalries go into full throttle as competitors seek their top-end speed. Exuberant

parents and supporters gather along either side of the ropes which mark off the end of the

course, greeting the young runners and encouraging them to push through the finish line.

Monroe Runners and their Successes!

The 2021 New Balance Shore Coaches Invitational was a long and grueling battle for

Monroe Cross Country runners. The 5k course was filled with rolling hills, setting the stage to mentally and physically challenge the young athletes. The massive Cross Country meet

featured hundreds of competitive teams from across New Jersey. The Monroe Falcons rose

up to the occasion from both an individual and team standpoint.

MTHS Girls Varsity and Freshman teams take a quick break from the race day action.

Girls Varsity runner Amelia Artz placed 7th in the Varsity race, running a superb time of

19:57. Other standout performances from the girls team were seen from Taylor Enes

(Senior) and Maya Davis (Freshman).

From the Boys Cross Country team, Jaden Enis led the way for the Falcon’s Varsity squad,

running a time of 17:16 and finishing 20th overall. Following close behind were Matthew

Lucas (Sophomore) and Bryce Addeo (Senior). Freshmen Stephen Barbera and Pranav

Puranik represented well in the Boys two mile race, each athlete finishing in under 14


Exhausted Senior runner, Heidi Vogel, crosses the finish line.

Looking Ahead

Despite the physical and mental challenges endured during the race, all of the runners

were rewarded with a euphoric sense of accomplishment. As the Cross Country team

prepares for their final meets of the season, they continue to improve upon their strategy

and training. So far, the Boys and Girls programs have walked away with a handful of team

medals and many more individual successes. With the Greater Middlesex Conference

(GMC) race just days away, Monroe runners are getting hyped to leave the 2021 Cross

Country season on a high note, sprinting into the Winter Track season with confidence and


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