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Monroe Falcons 3-0

by EMILY SZPAK Social Media Coordinator

The Monroe Township Falcons football team won their second game at home, 26-18, against the South Brunswick Vikings. On September 20, the Falcons made a huge jump in the state scale, moving from 75 to 31.

So far, the team is 2-0, and hopes to keep up their season for homecoming next weekend.

The Falcons have some talented men on their team this year who have contributed hugely toward their wins. Sophomore Stephen Karoly threw 135 yards and three touchdowns. Senior Nick Marinelli was a key defensive player in the last game, and overall this year.

On September 14, the Falcons beat North Brunswick 55-6. This past weekend, September 27, the team destroyed Woodbridge 49-0 in their second away game of the season.

The boys are going into the season strong and pushing themselves to pull through.

In the fact, the boys have showed real initiative in attacking this season by storm. In the 2009-2010 season, the Falcons were group three state champions. It has been three seasons, and with the talented group of athletes they have now, the boys could make it again and win the whole thing, wspecially with the huge jumps they have made up the scale this season.

“The boys are doing great this season, and it’s been really exciting to watch,” says junior Nicole Cohen.

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of school spirit this year, coming from the cheerleaders and many other student here at MTHS. Monroe has taken over twitter with hashtags like “#monroenation”. It’s great to see our school come together to support each other.

“I don’t usually go to the games, but I’m looking forward to seeing us kill it at homecoming,” says junior Tiffany Goncalves.

The boys have the whole school’s support in their mission to take the State Championship.

How do you think our Falcons will do this season?

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