Michael Vick traded to the Jets

by EDWARD PINTO Section editor 

The New York Jets has had many struggling seasons in the past few years, with bloopers on T.V. and bad records. That could all change, however, if new signee Michael Vick can lead the Jets to victory.

Although Vick does have some competition to be the starting quarterback (Geno Smith), teammates and coaches around him believe he can pull it out.

“Listen, I love Michael Vick,” former coach Andy Reid said. “Michael’s been blessed with some unbelievable gifts. I don’t think those have deteriorated. He’s going to be able to throw the ball as well as anybody. I think he will be a great mentor to the young kid. It sounds like they already have kind of an understanding there.”

Before the dog fighting incident, Vick was a star with the Atlanta Falcons, leading them to deep into the playoffs and breaking rushing yard records for quaterbacks. The last time he played all 16 games in a season was in 2006 with the Falcons.

Many Jets fans have crticized the Jets decision in signing Vick as they already have a young QB in Smith. Vick, 33 years old, does not look like the best plan for the future with nearing his retirement.

“I remember using Michael Vick in Madden ’07 and watching him play in real life and they were both amazing. Now, obviously, he’s declined in form, but hopefully he’ll do well at the Jets and bring New York some hope!” said sophomore Tyler Gambone.

Vick signed a $5 million deal for only one season with the Jets. With not even being a guaranteed a starting spot, earning $5 million a year is controversial because the best back-ups earn half or even less than that.

Mark Sanchez, the previous starting QB for the Jets, was doing below average and needed a change. Smith led the Jets to a solid 8-8 record in his rookie season last year.

DeSean Jackson, just released from the Philadelphia Eagles, hopes to reunite with his former teammate. If the Jets do pull off signing Jackson, the AFC will be a three team title contender, along with the Patriots and the Broncos.

“I think that with Vick coming into the Jets, is for Geno Smith to get some veteran tips and tricks from him. Clearly, Smith is the future of the franchise and he will probably learn the ropes from a, hopefully, future hall-of-famer,” said sophomore Brent Starling.

Vick thanked the entire city of Philadelphia, writing a letter to them in the newspaper. After he got out of prison, no team would take him due to his off field attitude, but the struggling Eagles decided to take a chance.

They also signed two other key players in Jackson and Nnamdi Asomugha. Many fans across the nation thought they would be the Miami Heat of the NFL, but sadly, it did not work out so well.

What do you think of Vick signing with the Jets? Do you think they will prosper or fail like these past few seasons?

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