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Miami Dolphins bullying scandal

by EDWARD PINTO Section Editor

Miami Dolphins offensive lineman, Richie Incognito, is under investigation due to “bullying” his teammate Jonathan Martin. Racist and cruel text messages were shared between the two, say investigators who found the messages after Martin’s sudden leave from the Dolphins.

Bullying is a big issue nowadays from elementary school to your workplace. The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is working to keep a clean and safe workplace in the locker rooms and on the field.

Incognito has had behavior issues in the past with the St. Louis Rams with unnecessary roughness and vicious tackles. He was even nominated for dirtiest player in the league in 2009. However, he did improve his attitude throughout the years until recently.

After the Dolphins management heard about the controversial event, they suspended Incognito indefinitely. Coaches and football experts nationwide predict that his offensive linemen days in Miami are undoubtedly over.

Many veteran NFL players haze rookie players because it is a league tradition.  Hazing is accepted in basically every sport, as long as you do not affect the person’s health mentally, physically, and if you do not traumatize him. The typical hazing includes carrying bags, embarrassing talent shows, and dressing up in costumes, but when has “hazing” gone too far?

“I hate bullying in general because it ruins a person’s image and it makes kids depressed,” said sophomore David Leckie.

Both players’ “friendship” was very strange because not only was Incognito sending discriminating text messages, but Martin was sending similar messages back. He also said Martin was the easiest to taunt and scare, which made him an easy target.

Apparently, Incognito was the ring leader of the taunting in the locker room and outside of the field. Investigators are still trying to figure out if there were more players involved.

“I used to like the Dolphins up until now because of what I heard. It’s crazy what happened and hopefully the team and management figure it out,” said sophomore Deep Sarkaria.

Earlier, the Dolphins players were going on a trip to Las Vegas and everyone pitched in with the funds. Martin, however, was forced to give up $15,000, probably for other players’ tickets and hotel rooms.  he person that influenced him to give that money was none other than Incognito.  Martin was obviously afraid of the consequences if he did not put more money into the fund.

Should Incognito be heavily punished for what he did or do you think he should be able to play in the NFL again?

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