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Miami beats the Bulls


After a five game series, the Miami Heat beat the Chicago Bulls four games to one. The Bulls started out with a big impression, beating the Heat game one, but after that, the Heat won four straight games.

The Bulls won the first game of the series 93-86, but the Heat came back strong and won game two 115-78. That was the worst loss in playoff history for the Bulls (37 point loss).

Games three, four, and five, were all wins for the Heat, winning 104-94, 88-65, and 94-91, respectively. Every loss made the Bulls more and more physical.

In game two, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson were both ejected in the fourth quarter after receiving technical fouls for arguing with officials.

Miami set playoff highs in margin of victory (37), field goal percentage (60 percent), 3-point percentage (50), second-half points (60), bench points (55), points in the paint (56), fast-break points (20) and points off turnovers (28).

Freshman Shane Patel said, “The Heat broke more than five records in their game against the Bulls. That is extreme talent.”

At one point in game two, the Heat had a 46 point lead over the Bulls. Ray Allen lead the Heat with 23 points. There were so many fouls by the Bulls that it allowed the Heat to dominate the entire game.

In game four, the Heat beat the Bulls 88-65. LeBron James scored 27 points and was one of only two Miami players in double figures as the visiting Heat crushed a still-depleted and completely exhausted Bulls team to take a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinal series.

James dominated the Bulls the entire series, scoring more than 18 points every game. Chris “The Birdman” Anderson was also a huge part in pumping up the Heat by making huge plays at perfect times.

In the final game, the Heat won 94-91. Trailing by 11, the Heat went on a 10-2 run late in the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth. It got them back into the game before the strong finish.

There were many reasons for the Bulls’ loss in this series. Their play was much too physical. Key players were being ejected and drawing too many fouls. The loss of Noah and Gibson in game two of the series was a big loss for the Bulls, although that was not a big problem since they lost by 37.

Another reason the Bulls lost is because of injuries. The Bulls star Derrick Rose has been out all season with a torn ACL. Rose was the key part of the Bulls’ offense and played a big role on defense.

The most important reason that the Bulls lost is that they do not have chemistry like the Heat do. All of the Heat players know where their teammates will be and how to make a play with them.

Freshman Shane Ferarro said, “The Heat are the greatest team in the NBA. They have pure chemistry and beat the Bulls by 37 points.”

The Heat won this championship last year and are looking to make it two years in a row. So what do you guys think? Do you think the Heat will win the Championship two years in a row or will they lose? Who will they lose to?

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