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Horror movies itself are spine-chilling and alarming, but when a horror movie is shown from a first-person perspective,  it is horrendous and ghastly.  “Paranormal Activity 3” will make people wonder if a parent’s child has demons as his or her best friend.

Rewinding back to 1988, Kristi (Jessica Brown) encounters a demon, Toby, and befriends him. However, Toby negatively interferes with the rest of the family. Toby enjoys horsing around with Kristi’s sister, Katie (Chloe Csengery), messing with her hair or moving her around the house. Dennis (Christopher Smith), their father, eventually caught Toby on tape, which was a mistake. If only mother Julie (Jessica Bittner) had believed her family once in a while, things would have been different. Toby brought the whole house down – well, the kitchen at least – not to mention the visits in the bathroom, leaving scratches and mental scars. Perhaps Toby actually enjoys being video-taped, showing off his impressive skills such as in the first and second “Paranormal Activity” movies.

Brown starred as the main character in “Paranormal Activity 3”, the culmination of a professional acting career that started at age six. However, Brown could not have succeeded in the movie without Csengery, Smith, and Bittner’s supporting roles. Bittner is the  reason why “Paranormal Activity 3” is so frustrating to watch; if only she has listened in the first place, things may have turned out differently. Overall, the movie was a great success that became a hit of 2011.

“Paranormal Activity 3” made over $52 million on opening night. Directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman both did an extraordinary job in creating a terrifying experience for audiences. The angles from which each scene was filmed forced the audience keep their eyes open, no matter how horrifying the action. Every scene was unexpected.

Creating this film was not a simple task, especially when viewed through a first-person perspective most of the time. This prequel makes audience members think twice about going to sleep, going to the bathroom, or just being up at night in general. “Paranormal Activity 3” is one of the scariest movie of 2011. This thumbs-up movie will keep you tense until the last second of the movie when the credits show up.

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