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“Last Vegas” takes on aging

by EMILY SZPAK Social Media Coordinator

Bringing back some of the greatest actors Hollywood has seen, “Last Vegas” hit theaters November 1, 2013 with high hopes. Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline hit the big screen as four old friends who have become accustomed to their past-prime life styles and are looking for an adventure.

The men take us on their free-for-all trip to Vegas to try to find their youth.

The old men’s less than exciting lives are hilariously transformed into a modern day party scene. However, it is emotional, teaching us how fast life goes by and how we should cherish every moment.

When late 70-year-old Billy (Douglas) announces his engagement with his 20-something girlfriend to his friends, they insist on throwing him a bachelor party in Vegas, yearning to take a break from their boring lives.

Archie (Freeman) and Sam (Kline) come up with plans to escape Archie’s overprotective son and Sam’s wife. To Sam’s surprise, his wife approves and says, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

The men travel to New York to get their friend Paddy (DeNiro) out of his funk since his wife died. The men and Paddy’s wife were all childhood friends. Due to unresolved issues between Paddy and Billy, Sam and Archie lie to him to get him to Vegas. Once the boys get to Vegas, they all deal with their own issues.

The audience follows them as they try and escape their own lives. Sam struggles to find a young girl, Archie becomes his own man again, Billy struggles with accepting his age, and Paddy tries to have fun without his wife. In the end, the men somehow find their youthful selves again and become a lot closer in the process, tying some loose ends.

“Last Vegas” is hilarious and a great movie for young adults, and even seniors. The movie captures today’s generation and how hard it is for yesterday’s to fit in. Full of sarcasm, humor, and heart-wrenching scenes, “Last Vegas” is a potential classic in my eyes.

“I saw it with my parents, so it was kind of like both ends of the generations. We all thought is was great!” says junior Anne Ballman.

Seeing some of these very successful actors work together was spectacular. Regardless of the plot, it would be impossible to not enjoy seeing DeNiro, Douglas, Kline, and Freeman together on the big screen.

Each of the actors compliment on another with their own contribution to the movie. The movie does not lack talent in anyway, and the acting was flawless.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the actors, of all ages. However, I would not bring any children under the age of 15 due to the sexual content and alcohol shown. The film is definitely worth seeing and it is great for a group of older couples.

“Even with the older actors and situations, it was hilarious!” says junior Tina Volkman.

Do you plan on seeing “Last Vegas”?

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