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Iron Man is back and better than ever

by AMY LASSITER Staff Writer

“Iron Man 3” had its theatrical release in the U.S. on May 3 after much anticipation from Marvel fans all over the country.

A lot has happened in the Marvel Universe since we last saw Tony Stark, who is played by Robert Downey Jr., in “Iron Man 2,” including the events in the summer blockbuster, “The Avengers”. During “The Avengers”, Stark experiences a near-death experience while trying to close an alien portal opened by the main villain, Thor’s brother, Loki.

This experience turned out to have a very troubling effect on Stark in “Iron Man 3”, and causes the superhero to have intense panic attacks any time someone mentions the fight. These panic attacks showed a lot of character development from Stark’s carefree and usually reckless attitude.

“I feel like Tony having panic attacks post-Avengers is really good character development and an interesting and relevant addition to the plot (as well as being a reasonable result of the Avengers rather than having him walk around and pretend to be all macho about it). It’s not like he’s glamorizing them or as if his entire character is developed around the anxiety he’s developed. They’re very accurate, add to what is happening in the scene, and are very intense,” said freshman Tory Talaga.

Stark was not the only character with significant development. Pepper Potts, who is played by Gwyneth Paltrow, got a chance to suit up in Iron Man’s attire and save the day.

In two different instances Potts ditched her role of “damsel in distress” and became a feminine hero. This was another great example of evolution in characters throughout the “Iron Man” trilogy.

Colonel Jim Rhodes (A.K.A War Machine/Iron Patriot) was also brought back, and some new faces joined the cast. Guy Pearce plays Aldrich Killian, the main antagonist of the movie. Along with Pearce, Ben Kingsley was introduced to play the notorious villain, The Mandarin. These new faces brought exciting changes to the “Iron Man” movie series.

The third installment was full of action, romance, and of course, humor. Throughout the movie, there is a light tone and many jokes. This made it nearly impossible for any viewer to be bored. However, writers Drew Pearce and Shane Black timed the laughs to flow smoothly and break tension in the story line. This made “Iron Man 3” an enjoyable experience for people with all kinds of tastes in films.

“The movie was really good and humorous. I liked it a lot. There was a lot of action and I kept the movie going. Plus Robert Downey Jr. is really [attractive],” said an anonymous student.

Overall, this movie-going experience was amazing. I give “Iron Man 3″ 5 stars out of 5 and critics across the country are agreeing. The Box Office report states that “Iron Man 3” scored the 2nd biggest debut ever with $175.3 million.

Do not miss out and come see the billionaire-genius-playboy-philanthropist, Tony Stark in his new adventure.

Did YOU see Iron Man 3? What did you think? Answer in the comments below

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