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Getting to know Isola


As this school year comes to an end, Monroe Township High School senior Nick Isola will graduate as a star athlete.

Isola has been on the varsity football team since junior year. In addition, he has been on the varsity basketball team since sophomore year.

Isola admits that he was nervous to be playing with juniors and seniors as a sophomore on the basketball team.

“After one or two games, you are just a basketball player, just one of the guys,” Isola says.

This year, as a senior, Isola was captain of both the varsity basketball and football team. As captain, he felt everyone was able to look up to him in a good way and go to him for help.

He says, “It added a little bit [of pressure] but I was able to handle it.”

Isola has been participating in sports all throughout high school, and he enjoys being a part of teams. He says that being on the football team as a senior was his favorite because the team was so close. After four years, the team bonded really well.

His favorite game was the last basketball game he played as a senior. It was against Spotswood because the team bonded so well for that game.

“Everyone knows who you are… It makes you a part of something,” Isola says.

His father coached him in football since he was a young child. His grandfather who, taught him basketball, is his inspiration.

Isola says, “I wear 44 because that was his number in high school and college.”

Isola has not decided which college he wants to attend, but he hopes to study either special education or physical therapy.

He plans to play Division III football while in college, though DIII football cannot give athletic scholarships.

Isola states, “[B]ut I did receive an academic scholarship and a few grants.”

Once his sports career is finished, he would like to be a college football coach.

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