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Former Rowan student coaches in Monroe

by CASEY BENZI Staff Writer

   Monroe Township High School acquired a new physical education teacher this year, Ms. Carly Welsh, who is the coach of the varsity girl’s lacrosse team.

The girls had their first game for the 2013 season on Tuesday, April 2 against South Brunswick. Ms. Welsh’s fellow coaches are Ms. Jocelyn Ritter for the JV team and Ms. Alison Goodman for the novice team.

Since 2001, Ms. Welsh has been involved in lacrosse in some way, whether it was playing or coaching. In total, she has 12 years of experience in the sport as a “beginner” coach for Monroe. She began her coaching career in 2010 for Point Pleasant Borough High School varsity lacrosse. Then in 2011, she coached varsity lacrosse again, but at Mater Dei High School in California.

Coach Welsh also played soccer, lacrosse, and was on the swim team all through high school, which shows how she is also dedicated and persistent. She also was a starting offensive player on the lacrosse team at Rowan University in 2009.

“I like the change because it is something different, I like how very involved she is with the sport! She is also very well at making us work our hardest!” said junior Brittney Ballack.

Coach Welsh’s philosophy for the season is for her team to become “responsible, team-oriented” players who behave properly and have fun at the same time. She also hopes for them to work together based on the fact that they all want to succeed in the sport.

While coaching the team, she likes to encourage the players with positive reinforcement and constructive criticism to help them perform better in games.

“I like to give motivational quotes throughout the season to help the girls stay positive and excited to be playing, no matter the outcome of games,” said coach Welsh.

When asked how she felt about her current team, Welsh said she loves the girls she works with and that they have shown much improvement since the preseason.

For the upcoming season, she believes that her team will achieve a better record than last year, and wants each and every player to feel that they have become “better lacrosse players and teammates” by the end of the season.

At the end of almost every sport, including lacrosse, there are games known as the Greater Middlesex Conference, or the GMCs, where a few high-ranking teams play against each other to find a winner. These games resemble playoffs in professional sports.

Coach Welsh feels that her varsity team has an excellent chance of making it far into the GMCs this year. Her reasoning behind her prediction was for the team’s extreme motivation and dedication to win the GMCs.

“It’s definitely a change in the way she coaches, but I know she has some high spirits for us this season and will help to bring us to the championship,” says senior Amanda Salvadore.

Coach Welsh will attempt to lead the girls into the GMCs this season, but she still has many years to go with the lacrosse team since she just started her role in Monroe this year. She believes she will be able to work with different teams each year to create bonds for great playing potential.

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