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Florida State crowned as BCS National Champions

by EDWARD PINTO Section Editor

A game that was sure to go down in the history books, Florida State and Auburn played for the most important game of their life – the BCS National Championship game, held in the warm weather of Pasadena, California on Monday, January 6.

Auburn had a miracle season this year, turning around from a 3-9 record last season to almost winning the national championship game. Florida State, however, had a great past two seasons, winning the Orange Bowl last year and the almighty championship game.

Florida State also broke the streak of an SEC team winning the BCS game seven season in a row. It was also their first championship title since 1999.

When Auburn took a 21-3 lead with a few minutes left in the first half, Florida State fans began to hope their team could do something to come back from this devastating score. And comeback they did as Auburn only scored 10 more points throughout the game while FSU scored 31 more.

“I definitely enjoyed the game on Monday night. I’m not a fan of either one of them, but the game was so intense and it came down to the final seconds,” said sophomore Ash Patel.

When Levonte Whitfield returned a kickoff for a 100 yard touchdown after a field goal, the score was almost leveled at 27-24. The crowd of almost 100,000 people erupted into a roar of cheers in the fourth quarter as the game got more exciting with every second passing by.  

Coming into the game, Auburn was ranked 89th in yards allowed per game, but it certainly did not look like that as they pressured Winston the whole game.

In the final drive of the game with just 13 seconds remaining, FSU drove down 80 yards to score a crucial touchdown to give them the lead 34-31. Led by the Heisman-winning quarterback Jameis Winston, the Seminoles beat the Tigers 34-31 on a game-winning touchdown pass two yards out to Kelvin Benjamin.

With nine seconds remaining, Auburn could do nothing as they tried to make lateral passes to get to the touchdown on the other end, but it did not happen. Everyone stormed the field, and FSU fans celebrated wildly in the stadium and wherever they were watching.

Florida State was dubbed as one of the most talented rosters in the whole country. Winning the title this year was almost expected to cap off a perfect season.

“My friend actually went to the BCS game last year because he was a fan of Alabama, but this year I’m really glad Auburn made it this far into the competition because last season was a disaster for them,” said sophomore Kyle Richbourg.

That exact crystal football is what every college football player wants to win. Everyone wants to be the best, beat the best teams, and have the best players.

The BCS title era is coming to a close and will change to a four team national playoff from next year on.

What did you think of the BCS National Championship game? Do you cheer for one of the teams or did you not bother to watch the game at all?

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