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Fair or foul?

by MATT GORDON Editor-in-chief

   New York Coach Tom Coughlin and Tampa Bay Coach Greg Schiano obviously do not have the same views on the game of football. At the conclusion of their game on Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rushed the New York Giants’ front line while the Giants were in their “victory” formation, knocking down quarterback Eli Manning.

   Usually in the game of football, it is normal for a quarterback to take some hits and be knocked down a couple times a game, but this tackle was different. Since the play call was a kneel-down, or victory formation, the offensive line was not ready for a big rush by the defensive line, who tried to cause a fumble on the final play of the game.

   The defensive players dived at the knees of the offensive linemen, which is normal for most of the game, but not common on the last play of the game when the team with possession of the ball is simply running down the clock to end the game.

   Junior Patrick Kloby said, “It was uncalled for, immature, and shouldn’t have happened.”

   The Giants accused the Buccaneers of trying to hurt the players on the offensive line, but the Buccaneers say they play until the end of the game and will not give up just because the Giants are in a victory formation.

   ESPN analyst Eric Mangini said, “Greg Schiano is trying to establish a mentality there and a mindset of finishing the game.”

   The Buccaneers had a right to play the final play of the game as they would every other play. The game is not over until the final whistle blows and the clock runs out, not when the Giants say the game is over.

   Anything can happen in football and a fumble could have been caused by the defensive line, allowing the Buccaneers one last possession to try to win the game.

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