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‘Cinderella’ is bippity boppity boo-utifully put together

“Cinderella” was released nationwide on March 13, 2015, and the ratings were incredible. Grandparents, adults, teenagers, and children all gathered together in movie theaters to see how Disney would recreate the classic fairy tale, and the reviews could not be more pleasing.

With most remakes, the plot is exactly the same. There is no different punchline, besides the fact that the remake is usually more modern – newer technology, different phrases, but the same hidden messages. Thankfully, “Cinderella” added new perspectives and hidden messages.


When the movie begins, the audience gets to see how happy Ella’s father and mother are with their beautiful little girl. Ella’s mother tells her daughter to always be courageous and kind to animals and people alike, and that if you listen closely, you will notice that animals talk back to you (or something along those lines), and she even threw in something about believing in fairy godmothers.

Unfortunately, Ella’s mother tragically dies and her father remarries. The father-daughter bond is still as strong as ever, and Ella’s true colors show when she asks her father to return safely from his journey for work. She does not want materials or clothing, she just wants her father home safe and sound (and the first branch that his shoulder brushes….curious as to what this means? Watch the movie and find out!). Sadly, he never comes home.

Now I know what you must be thinking: come on, this is just like the original “Cinderella”! The parents die, she is left with her evil step mother and step sisters, blah blah blah. What is the point of seeing this new one?

Well, for starters, Ella is not only BEAUTIFUL, but also true to her kind, brave, courageous, and strong nature. She is not a dependent woman. She stands her own ground and takes good care of herself, despite her terrible living conditions. She could leave if she wanted to, but she admits that she stays with her evil, ugly stepfamily just to take care of the house her parents loved so dearly.

And have you seen Prince Charming? (I wish he was my prince charming!) When he and Ella meet for the first time in the woods, he does not own up to being the prince. He introduces himself as an apprentice in the castle and tells Ella his name is Kit. By this time in the film, Ella is now known as Cinderella (her ugly stepsisters came up with that name because her face was dirty from sleeping near the fire), so she does not tell Kit her name and instead, tragically rides away on her horse.

As the movie goes on (here is the best part) Kit (the Prince) is LONGING to see the mystery girl from the woods. He must see her again, he cannot stop thinking about her…that is right: for once, the PRINCE NEEDS THE PRINCESS! In today’s world, woman are not dependent on men.

Richard Madden, the man who plays Kit (Prince Charming), did an amazing job of showing young girls who admire Cinderella’s life that happily ever after does not mean you need to be dependent on finding a man to provide and take care of you. Happily ever after can happen whether you find your prince charming or not. Happiness is not about finding love, it is about being true to yourself and loving who you are as a person. If you find you are in love with someone along the journey of your life, embrace that love.

There are so many incredible moments in the movie that make it enjoyable for audience members of all ages: from comedic relief of the animals interacting with Cinderella once they are transformed into different animals/humans for the night, to the way the announcer said “hear ye, hear ye” (he does not say it the way you would think he would and it cracked me up).

Cinderella is an amazing movie and I encourage you all to see it! Tell me what you think in the comments below…what did you love? What do you wish was different?

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