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Cheerleaders bring home a win


Monroe Township’s competition cheerleaders won first place and were awarded grand champions on February 16 at Jackson Memorial in New Jersey.

The cheerleaders came out on top after giving an amazing performance to the audience. Their difficult stunts like tick tocks, which is when a flyer switches feet in the air, led them to victory. They were able to beat out the multiple teams competing with their unique performance.

The choreography consisted of quick dance moves to upbeat music, stunts, as well as difficult tumbling passes. There were also many basket tosses and an intricate pyramid in the middle of the routine. Some girls performed scorpions, which is when a cheerleader brings one of her legs behind her and has it touch the top of her head.

Freshman Gianna Iannone said, “I love my choreography and I make sure to perform at my highest level every time I step on the mat.”

Their long hours of practice paid off from the instruction of their coaches Ms. Karissa Titus and Mr. Dan Morelos. The girls practice almost every day to perfect their routine and keep all the choreography in sync. Whether it was snowing or raining, the girls were there to practice.

Freshman cheerleader Megan Sgroi said, “The way you practice is the way you perform.”

The competition squad consists of eight freshman, seven sophomores, 10 juniors, and four seniors. All of the girls have had prior cheerleading experience through the high school.

Coach Titus said, “I love my team and I think they work very well together, which helps a lot. We are like one, big family.”

The girls were led by their senior captains Paige Albach, Mariann Glade, Alyssa Dabroski, and Ashley Dilkes. All girls participate in football cheerleading, and finished their last season during the fall.

The cheerleaders performed in their new uniforms for the season. They have a gold letter “M” embedded on the center of the top, standing for Monroe, and the top matches their purple skirts. Their outfit was completed with a big, gold bow on top of their heads. Their hair was perfectly curled in a ponytail with a “poof” on top, a typical cheerleading hairstyle.

This is not the cheerleaders’ first competition, nor is it their first win. The girls were reigning grand champions last year in Florida at nationals.

The cheerleaders’ will compete in Florida March for nationals.

Will you continue to support the Monroe competition cheerleaders on their road to nationals?

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