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‘Captain Underpants’ makes you feel like a kid again

“Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie”, directed by David Soren, was released on June 2 to critical acclaim. The animated action/adventure film is based off of the children’s series written by Dav Pilky and will leave a smile on your face for the duration of the one hour and 29 minutes run time.

The story begins with two young protagonists, George Beard and Harold Hutchins. The fourth graders enjoy pranks and target harsh teachers, but their principal, Mr. Krupp, is usually the one on the receiving end. After sabotaging an invention made by one of the students, Melvin Sneedly, Krupp finally obtains the evidence to separate pranksters in an attempt to ruin their friendship.

Beard and Hutchins use every opportunity to get Krupp to change his mind, but accidentally brainwash him using a hypno ring. Krupp becomes Captain Underpants, a misguided hero that believes danger is around every corner.

However, things get messy when the new suspicious science teacher, Professor Poopypants, and the stuck-up Sneedly team up to create a super toilet mech that is determined to destroy laughter in every human. The two teams collide in a huge duel, spanning the entirety of the third and final act of the movie.

The movie was hilarious. Most of the time, the theatre was full of laughter and the jokes were great.

Freshman Anthony Cristello says, “‘Captain Underpants’ was a funny movie. Although there were times when the movie did get serious, it still kept its momentum going.”

The voice acting by the main characters was also excellent. Beard, voiced by Kevin Hart, did a terrific job keeping audiences engaged and and on the edge of their seats when the time was necessary. Hutchins, voiced by Thomas Middleditch, did an amazing job taking the lead role in the movie. Middleditch successful kept the movie going at a decent pace and knew when to make the audience laugh. Moreover, Captain Underpants, voiced by Ed Helms, had an outstanding performance, keeping the audience in high spirits.

Freshman Gianna Mattessich says, “The movie was really good and it was so funny to watch. I am really looking forward to watching it again sometime in the future.”

The movie exceeded expectations and received decent reviews from critics. “Captain Underpants” ended up getting great reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, which gave them 85 percent. IMDb gave the movie a 7.1 out of 10, and Metacritic gave the movie 70 percent. The film came in second at the box office behind the new blockbuster “Wonder Woman.”

Overall, the movie has become a huge hit nationally and has made over $23.5 million over the weekend.

The movie is expected to earn even more from theaters all over the country over the course of the summer as more children and even some adults continue to watch this family-friendly flick.

A sequel is expected to come out in the upcoming months, so fans can have hope for more hilarity and child-like fun.

What do you think of “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” and what was your favorite part of the film?

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