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Butler to Head to Philly

The Minnesota Timberwolves ship away one year rental, and 4 time all-star Jimmy Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers, league sources tell ESPN.

The long-lasted battle between 4 time all-star Jimmy Butler, and the Minnesota Timberwolves finally comes to a close.

The Timberwolves and the Philadelphia 76ers have reached an agreement, to send Jimmy Butler and developing forward Justin Patton to the Sixers in exchange for forwards Robert Covington and Dario Saric, guard Jerryd Bayless and a 2022 unprotected second round pick.

Four Time All-star Jimmy Butler, and the Sixers have every intention to engage in contract extension talks his summer, league sources tell ESPN, however no decision can be finalized until Butler opts out of his player option this offseason.

The 76ers would be able to offer Butler a 5 year max contract worth $190 million, while other teams could only offer Butler, 4 year deals and for a projected $141 million.

The Timberwolves acquired Butler during the end of the 2017-18 NBA regular season. The agreement between the Chicago Bulls and the Minnesota Timberwolves was that Butler, prospect Justin Patton, and the 16th overall selection in the 2017 NBA draft, would be sent over to Chicago in exchange for guards Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and the 7th selection in the 2017 NBA draft (which would later become stretch big Lauri Markkanen).

Looking back at the trade, the Timberwolves took a major loss, as they essentially gave up Kris Dunn, a defensive and playmaking stud; Zach LaVine, and Lauri Markkanen, 2 young scorers who already put up more than 15 points per game, and have potential to become all-stars. In return through the Bull’s and 76ers deal, the Timberwolves received Robert Covington, a decent defensive role player; Jerryd Bayless, a regressing guard and role player; Dario Saric, a foreign defensive minded forward with potential, and a 2022 second round pick.

The “Jimmy Butler” phase in Minnesota finally comes to a close, and although it is still early to say, the acquisition of Butler looks to be a failed experiment for the Timberwolves. The one year rental has made a mark on the Timberwolves’s front office, and who knows what is in store for Philly. With Butler officially on the 76ers roster, they are now competing with Boston and Toronto to be the favorites to win the east. What do you think? Are the 76ers the favorites to win the east? Will Jimmy Butler remain a 76er after this season?

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