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Boys soccer team begins season with confidence

by CAROLINE GAVURA Section Editor

The boys soccer team has begun their season with high hopes about upcoming games, and they plan to be extremely successful.

“Our goals remain the same each year. We strive to become conference and state champions,” said Coach Steve MacKenzie, who led the team to the Group 4 State Championship last year for the first time since 1987.

With excellent senior leadership from players such as Shawn Reynolds, Matt Anderson, Christian Corbisiero, and Corey Klaskin, this season may be the best yet. The team is going to need all the strength they have for upcoming games against East Brunswick and St. Benedict’s Preparatory School.

East Brunswick has a three-game lead in the Red Division. St. Benedict’s Prep is carrying a 66-game win streak, and is a top ranked team in the nation.

“We are always excited to play the top teams in our division with a little more emphasis on the East Brunswick game. We also have some exciting out conference games this year with perennial state power Westfield, as well as the number one team in the nation, St. Benedict’s, visiting us on October 14,” said MacKenzie.

The Falcons’ strongest point is their depth; they have more than 20 players on the field that can create opportunities for passing and scoring. They have a solid back line, as well as a goal keeper who will help them become even more successful.

“I’m really excited to see how the boys do this season. Hopefully they’ll do even better than last year. I will be going to the game against St. Benedict’s Prep to see if the Falcons’ hard work has really paid off,” said junior Corinne Franchette.

The boys will continue to practice many hours a week to work on their speed, endurance, and skill. They complete intense workouts that include strenuous exercises and miles worth of runs in the park and on the track. They strive for perfection, and try to make a complex and difficult sport look like a piece of cake.

Many of the players plan on continuing to play soccer in college, or as a hobby later in life to say in shape.

“I saw the boys practicing one day after school and it looked extremely intense. They were running long distances and building up their strength with different exercises. It is good to train like that everyday in order to stay in shape for games,” said junior Cori Haider.

The team has been training extra hard for the upcoming home game on October 14 against St. Benedict’s Prep. If the Falcons beat them, they will have beaten one of the highest ranked teams in the country. All eyes will be on the soccer field next week with anticipation as to how well the team this year will compare to last year’s team.

“Let’s go Falcons! It would be amazing if we beat St. Benedict’s and become a higher ranked team in the whole nation. I’m so excited to see the turnout of this game!” said junior Bree McKenna.

Will you be going to the game next Monday?

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