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Are you ready to meet your perfect match?

The Future Business Leaders of America will host a free, online questionnaire called Matchomatics for all students on Wednesday, January 31 during homeroom.

Matchomatics provides a questionnaire relating to personal interests such as musical taste, eye color, or favorite school subject. The computer will pair each student with other students who share the same interests.

Questionnaire results can be purchased on Monday, February 12 through Thursday, February 15 during all lunch blocks.

Matchomatics is a compatibility fundraiser, meaning that all students are matched based on their interests and hobbies and not at random. The money earned from the students who buy their results will go toward FBLA.

Every day, students walk by each other and have classes together without making an effort to socialize. The fundraiser hopes to promote socialization and friendship as a whole, which can help spread positive energy throughout the school.

Matchomatics has been trusted by schools for 32 years and is a popular fundraiser for schools across the United States. Millions of students have been successfully matched with new friends through the questionnaire.

There are multiple questionnaires of various categories to appeal to all students. For the purpose of FBLA’s fundraiser, the questionnaire will be a “custom” category, meaning the questions will be designed toward making friends and expressing personalities.

The questionnaire will allow other students to socialize with others who are similar, while raising money at the same time.

FBLA freshman member Brooke Marchesi says, “As a part of FBLA, it is important to have fundraisers like this because it’s a way to raise money for the club and spark other students’ interests.”

The purpose of FBLA raising funds is to sponsor school-wide events such as MTHS’ Haunted High School. Haunted High School was an opportunity for younger children of the community to participate in a safe Halloween experience while raising money for the Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation.

FBLA freshman member Ipsa Mishra says, “This questionnaire is a good idea for students in MTHS to make new friends, especially for the people who see other people on a daily basis and never thought to introduce themselves.”

The profits collected from Matchomatics will be used toward competitions, scholarships, club activities, and events. The fundraiser will open new opportunities for FBLA members and draw attention to the rest of their work, especially to get interested students into the program.

Freshman Aidan Judge says, “We are in such a large school, so it’s hard to find people who share the same interests. It could benefit some students, plus I know a lot of people who don’t fit in.”

As a MTHS student, do you think this fundraiser is a healthy way to make friends?

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