An evening in the moonlight

by MATTHEW SMITH Staff Writer

   The class of 2013 Junior Prom was held at the local Crowne Plaza on Friday, May 11. The night was one of dancing, food, and fun.    The night began at six in the evening as couples began to pull up to the Crowne Plaza parking lot and walk into the spacious waiting area, outfitted with dining and buffet tables with refreshments. Couples also lined up to get a professional photograph in front of a moonlit night backdrop.    About an hour in, as all the attendees arrived, everybody headed into the ballroom as the DJ started a slow song to kick off the night. The dance floor seemed far too small to accommodate everyone, but they managed to get most of the dancers on there at once.    After a few songs, everyone was told to go back to their assigned tables to await being selected to go up to the buffet for a dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, pasta, bread, and salad. The opportunity to write one’s vote for Prom King and Queen was also made available until closing at nine.    The food was called excellent, and at the same time other complaints were heard that the food was rather unsatisfactory and not very filling.    Around 8:00, after the meal, the dancing and partying really began. Until about 9:30, the DJ was going strong as the juniors moved on and off the dance floor, often using the podiums in the front to show off their best dance moves.    “Junior Prom was undeniably better than I had imagined it would be. I guess I had envisioned it as being just another party. Yet I found myself enjoying every moment. It truly felt like ‘prom’ and everything more,” says junior Taylor Narsavage.    Dessert was soon announced, and the juniors were sent back to their tables so Prom King and Queen could be announced. Daniel Matel-Okoh and Deja Burns were chosen as the 2012 Prom King and Queen in the Prom Court dance. Kellie Smith, Marcos Fazzino, Ryan Stolte, and Carly Johnston were other top nominees in the Court, among others.    The night continued on with more dancing as the juniors partied the night away and soon left around 11.    “Prom was a mystical lion, ferocious yet fun,” says junior Matthew Dobromilsky.

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