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Allergic reaction gone too far

by MICHELLE CHO Staff Writer

Although it is only the Drama Club’s second year in producing interactive dinner shows, on January 19 and 20, it did not fail to keep students and parents on their toes yet again. Not only did they serve spaghetti with sausages and cake, but also allowed the audience to participate in the acting.  While everybody scurried to figure out who the murderer was, the cast answered anybody’s questions in character, even during intermission. Ironically, the show was set on the scene of an audition for a play with an unclear plot and unfinished script.  While the characters attempted to understand the individual roles in order to better their chances of being chosen, the audience had the same opportunity to become more acquainted with the characters of “All Over But The Shooting”. Characters ranged from cocky and successful actors to immature inexperienced performers, providing humor and drama to the show. Junior Melanie Chu, who helped as a waitress, says, “I did not know what to expect from the play.  Everyone kept on trying to ask me who the murderer was, but I had no idea.  I think the cast acted very convincingly because I was often confused who the murderer could have been.” Quickly gaining animosity from almost every person who was present at the casting, Troy May, played by sophomore Jeremy Reid, is mysteriously murdered, and the cast and audience try to figure out who killed him. Tatiana, played by senior Sarah Bizzarro, mourns for her lover’s death despite his haughtiness, ridiculous rituals, and plethora of allergies. Instead of sympathizing like everyone else, the disorganized and awkward playwright, Jim Cutler, played by senior Matthew Younan, seizes the opportunity to create ideas for the rest of the script. The different, but similarly quirky and seemingly innocent personalities such as overzealous mother, Marjorie Needleman, played by senior Anna Maynard and burger boy, Alan, played by junior Zachary Levine, caused confusion among the audience as to who could have been the murderer. Because Troy blacklisted Jim’s name, Jim secretly plots with Tatiana in order to humiliate Troy by causing an allergic reaction. Not expecting to kill Troy, Jim and Tatiana confesses their not-so-innocent deed and surprise everybody. “I actually saw the show a total of 5 times, and every time I saw it, it just got better and better. For the very last show, I could tell the actors were very comfortable with their roles. I think they developed their characters from all the rehearsals they had and all in all, it turned out wonderful,” says fellow Thespian, junior Camille Rabe.

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