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2021 Junior Prom!

Source: The Mitchell Republic Monroe Township High School put on the 2021 Junior Prom.


The past year has been a rollercoaster, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic resulting in remote learning and hybrid school systems. However, the 2020-2021 school year ended with a hopeful turn: Junior Prom. This was able to happen because so many people were getting the covid-19 vaccine and many restrictions had been loosened. In addition, after the mask mandate was lifted by Governor Phil Murphy, masks were optional to wear when outside during prom.

The Junior Prom, A Night Under the Stars, was held outside of the Monroe Township High School from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M. There was a large tent set up on the lawn, along with a photo booth at the side of the building. There were around 25 tables set up underneath the tent, with 8 people to each table. Each table was adorned with black cloth, twinkle lights, and paper stars. The middle of the tent area held a dance floor, that more people went on as the night progressed, and a DJ booth.

After arriving at the school and checking in, many high schoolers, especially the girls, took the complimentary flip-flops given to them in case they wanted to change out of their uncomfortable shoes at any point during the course of the dance.

Right away, everyone met up with their respective friends. It was very nice to see peers that one might not have seen for months at a time due to the pandemic. Catching up with people was easily the best part of the night. It almost felt like life was going back to the normal from before the coronavirus.

To keep Junior Prom in everyone’s memories, a photo booth from the company Picture Us Perfect was set up under the overhang of the school. With the choice of different props, students had their pictures taken with their friends, and each person was able to bring home copies. If they wanted a professional photographer to take their photo, the juniors had to go inside the school. All these photos, in addition to candid ones, can be accessed and purchased on this website:

There was also a variety of food available for dinner and desert. The two on-site Food Truck options were Nomad’s Pizza and Bearded One B-B-Q. Nomad’s Pizza offered margarita or pepperoni pizza while Bearded One B-B-Q offered a pulled chicken sandwich, a pulled pork sandwich, or macaroni & cheese. The sides of caprese salad, hot pretzel bites, and/or fresh cut vegetables were laid out on multiple tables under the school overhang. For desert, students had the options of Philadelphia Italian Ice or fresh baked cookies. The drinks included bottles of water and cans of soda like Coca Cola.

Everyone was dressed elegantly, wearing many colorful dresses and complimentary suits. Eventually, the crowd was dancing energetically on the dance floor, singing along to iconic and commonly known music that the DJ played. While this year has definitely been different in many ways, the Monroe Township High School staff hosted and executed an absolutely wonderful Junior Prom, reminding people of the upcoming good times.


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