YouTube gurus guide your intelligence (in beauty)

by JADA MINAYA Section Editor

As fall is approaching and the leaves are changing colors, so are the old beauty trends of the summer. If you happen to be one of the fashion clueless who do not know exactly “warm browns” or “cardigans” are, or would like more advice on such matters, simply turn to the many YouTube beauty gurus that are available to you at the click of a button.

The YouTube beauty “department” has soared to new heights bringing normal women to the internet spotlight just by simply giving tips on makeup, fashion, and confidence. The amount of subscribers they have can reach all the way to over five million, and the amount of business opportunities they receive allows them to be a full-time beauty gurus/vloggers at our service.

“Oh my god, I’m obsessed with YouTube gurus! I love makeup so much! I love Nicole Guerriero!” said senior Christine Abraham.

Some that you may deem helpful and just outright fabulous are:

  1. Carli Bybel, who happens to be one of the many beauty gurus who has reached over one million subscribers. Her absolute beauty and sweet, soft spirit grabs anyone’s attention. Not only content with creating makeup tutorials, Bybel enjoys her eccentric style and giving others fashion advice, daring them to go out of their comfort zone and be different. She runs her own blog: which showcases her “outfits-of-the-day”, products used in videos, and any other updates concerning her.

  2. Nicole Guerriero is another fortunate YouTuber who has been playing the game for years and was rewarded with over one million loyal subscribers in the past year. There is no other YouTuber with so much sass and such a bold, confident, and brazen personality that is most definitely contagious to her viewers. If you think makeup is her only ability, then you have not admired her hair! Guerriero (whether extensions in or not) can definitely be considered one of the queens on YouTube of fabulous hair.

  3. Jaclyn Hill can almost be considered a newbie to the YouTube world, but viewers have definitely taken a liking to her quickly. She is probably one of the most talented YouTube makeup artists, having a previous history with MAC Cosmetics where she learned her skills. As far as makeup goes, Hill will teach you the most about technique, proper terms, and any education concerning makeup. Do not think for a second, however, that Hill is a boring makeup “teacher” just for teaching proper terms and such. Her personality is one of the most comical on YouTube, and you will be wishing to be her best friend after watching one video.

  4. Megan Kroh is a YouTuber who you can tell right off the bat is from New Jersey, although she does not have an accent. Her big dark hair has been a trademark for her since starting on YouTube years ago when she was a senior in high school. Her username, ciaoobelllaxo, is another trademark of hers. She attended cosmetology school and has shared her experience with her viewers, along with her makeup abilities. Her videos consist of tutorials, hauls from Lush and Bath & Body Works, vlogs of her daily life, and favorites videos. After watching her videos, you too will be as trained on beauty as she is.

Whether you are interested in being more skilled in beauty or just curious as to what these videos are all about (although warning: you may become completely obsessed), YouTube has just the girls you have been looking for to not only help with your appearance this fall and any season for that matter, but also most importantly, your inner confidence.

“I always watch Youtube videos. They help a lot and have taught me so much,” says junior Gianna Mannarino.

WARNING: Your bill for cosmetic stores such as drug stores, Sephora, Ulta, etc. might become astonishingly higher than previously.

Who’s your favorite YouTuber and why?

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