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In the midst of day-to-day tasks, it can be easy to lose track of world events. Especially in a world where many citizens are still quarantining, we can often feel disassociated with society and unmotivated to read the news. However, it is incredibly important to stay educated on current events. By being informed on current events, we are able to stay up to date on the important happenings in our country and the world. Therefore, by being informed on the news we can be better members of society and further contribute to our communities. Nevertheless, it can be hard to sift through the important information in the chaos of new platforms. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of ‘must-know’ events that have occurred recently.

Turmoil in Texas: ​Texas was hit by a snowstorm which caused record low temperatures. The conditions caused a power grid failure which led to widespread power outages across Texas. Now, many residents of texas are facing homes and businesses with no power, heat, and water. Without heating, many are turning to cars, ovens, and barbecues for heat which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Additionally, pipes are bursting and many are forced to evacuate their homes. Some experts believe that the abnormal temperatures can be attributed to climate change and are urging governments to take action in order to prevent events like these in the future. Currently, many organizations and individuals are working tirelessly to provide relief to those affected.

Kimye Split: ​The world of pop culture was shocked after news was released announcing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s separation. After 5 years of marriage and 4 children together the couple’s divorce was announced. Both Kim and Kanye had made a notable impact on internet culture, being regarded as a ‘power couple.’ Although many were surprised to hear the news, others had speculated on a split between the two long ago. Sources reported that Kim was concerned with Kanye when he announced his campaign for presidency in 2020, initiating the divide between the two.

Congress Passes Covid Relief Bill: ​Recently the $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus bill was passed in congress, and signed into law by President Joe Biden. The bill was passed in the house with a 220-211 vote, with no republicans supporting the bill. House democrats argued that the bill was necessary to provide relief to those affected by covid and stimulate the overall economy. After a lengthy 25 hour session in the session, the senate voted to pass the bill in a 50-49 vote. Although there was not bipartisan support, the bill was still supported and passed by the president. Biden stated that the purpose of the bill was “giving people in this nation, working people, missile class folks, the people who built this nation a fighting chance.”

The 63rd Annual grammys: ​On March 14th the 63rd annual grammy award ceremony was held at the staples center in Los Angeles. The ceremony was unconventional this year, with a hybrid of indoor and outdoor events and a shortened guest list in order to provide a safe environment amid a pandemic. Some of the performers included Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, and BTS. Winners included Taylor Swift for Album of the year, Billie Eilish for Record of the Year, and H.E.R for Song of the Year. However, the event received criticism after some began to question why the popular category, Best Rap Performance was moved to the pre-show rather than the televised ceremony. Many began to question if there were racial motivations behind the change, with the Best Rap Performance historically being dominated by African American performers. Artists such as the Weeknd and Zayn Malik spoke out against the award organization after being snubbed, arguing that the Grammys did not provide contenders equal treatment. As a result of the backlash, #Scammys began trending throughout various different social media platforms.

Atlanta Shooting and Asian Hate Crimes: ​In the age of Covid-19, there has been a rise in hate-crimes and prejudice against asian individuals. Many wrongly believe that the pandemic is the fault of Asians. In Atlanta, Georgia a man fueled his hatred into violence after going on a rampage at three spas. He shot and killed 8 people, 6 of which were asian. Although it is unclear whether the shooter’s motivations were sexual or racial, many people are certain that the act of violence was a hate crime regardless of the suspects alleged motivations. This tragedy led to further traction to the Stop Asian Hate movement, with many taking to social media to speak out against violence and hate crimes. Countless people are working hard to achieve justice for the victims. The suspect is currently being charged with eight counts of murder and one count of aggraviated assault. President Biden released a statement stating “The recent attacks against the [Asian American] community are un-American. They must stop.”


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