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Xbox One vs. PS4

by CAROLINE GAVURA Section Editor

The wait is finally over – Sony and Microsoft are finally releasing their long awaited new consoles. The Playstation 4 was released on November 15, while the Xbox One was released November 22. With the holidays drawing near, consumers will have to decide which gaming system to purchase.

Pricewise, the PS4 is only $399, while the Xbox One is $499. While the Xbox is $100 more, it comes with Kinect, and players would have to pay another $60 for Playstation’s 3D camera.

The PS4 sold out nearly everywhere on its night of release. It is nearly impossible to find the console anywhere, which is why individuals are selling the systems for over $1000 on websites like EBay. The Xbox can be preordered at retail stores such as Walmart.

Unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 is focused completely on gaming. The model has been completely redesigned, with a faster eight-core processor and slightly better graphics than the Xbox One. The graphics on games like “Killzone” and “Call of Duty” are nearly life-like.

The PS4 also has new DualShock controllers, which have a touchpad for swiping and built in speakers to enhance the gaming experience.

Along with the games, the PS4 offers new internet streaming options, such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu Plus.

“The Playstation consoles have always been my go-to. Their graphics are amazing and the controls are more familiar to me,” says junior Yazmyne Abbott.

Microsoft’s goal with the Xbox One, however, is to allow the user to only need one box next to their TV; it goes way beyond gaming.

The system also has an eight-core processor and a new graphics card, which makes images crystal clear with great detail.

Microsoft gives the player more options as to how they want to control the console. There is a new controller, but also Kinect that allows voice command support and motion control. With games like “Xbox Fitness”, you can use the Kinect camera to detect your movements and have them transferred into the game.

Unlike the PS4, with the Xbox One, you can hook it up to your cable box and view your entire TV guide. To change channels, all the player has to do is say “Xbox play” and then whatever channel they wish to watch.

There is also access to lots of internet streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Xbox Movies. Microsoft has even included their own services like Skype and Internet Explorer so you can surf the web and make video calls right on your screen.

“Ever since I bought my Xbox 360, I’ve been hooked. The One sounds amazing, I won’t even have to get up to use my computer it’s all on one system!” says junior Johan Bahala.

Still struggling to choose which console is right for you? It really depends on what you want to get out of the system. If you are are more concerned with hardcore gaming, the PS4 is your best bet. If you are more interested in entertainment and social media, the Xbox One may be the better choice for you.

Which system do you believe is the best? Which will you be buying this holiday season?

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