Xbox 720 vs. PS4

by DARIUS LEWIS Staff Writer

This year marks the beginning of the next generation of video game consoles. Hardcore fans and casual gamers alike have waited for Sony and Microsoft to unveil their latest creations, and the ongoing rivalry between Xbox and Playstation rages on.

The presumed title for Microsoft’s device is the Xbox 720, set to proceed the already announced PS4, and Microsoft still has their product shrouded in mystery. However, they have stated that they will focus on creating a console fully integrated into your entertainment system that will connect with smartphones, TVs, and PCs.

On the other hand, the PS4’s main focus will be to please “hardcore gamers” and have a plethora of exclusive content.

It is obvious that social media has become a staple of the modern age, and the “next-gen” consoles aim to exploit that by allowing players to upload their highlights and screenshots almost instantly. This is a handy feature that is accessible for both products, and there are not too many differences between the overall systems.

Unfortunately, it has recently been stated that the Xbox 720 may need constant internet connection in order to function, and might require a monthly subscription. Although this is an unconfirmed rumor, it cannot be overstated how bad this move would be for the company as a whole, and it will almost surely turn off most casual gamers.

This is where the all-important power of marketing comes into play. Microsoft has been able to secure a large fan base over the years because of their great marketing campaigns, something that Sony has neglected. For this reason, there are those who speculate that the 720 will see a higher amount of sales within its first year than the PS4.

However, the PS4 still has its fair share of fans.

Junior Amir Elhaddad said, “I’m getting the PS4 because I’m more used to the Playstation controller and the games.”

Even if that is the case, the 720 and the PS4 will most likely see a decrease in sales when compared to their predecessors due to the sheer amount of competition that they must surmount. Not only are they competing against each other and the already released Wii U, but the PC gamers and the rise of the mobile gaming industry as well.

There are fans of PC gaming who believe it is a more superior alternative to console gaming.

Junior Adrian Jarzabski said, “PC gaming is cheaper, offers better graphics, higher fps, and has Xbox and Playstation exclusives.”

The handheld games are taking the industry by storm as well, and are attracting casual to moderate gamers in droves. By looking at the success of the Wii U’s sales outlook in January, we can predict the fate of the new game systems. Nintendo was faced with a discouraging holiday demand for the Wii U, and there are those who speculate it may be due to the increase in smartphone gaming.

The battle between Microsoft and Sony is still underway, but only time will tell who will be the ultimate victor. So what are you for, Xbox 720 or the PS4?

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